Congress President Rahul Gandhi at HAL

Highlights of Congress President Rahul Gandhi‘s Interaction with HAL Workers at Minsk Square, Bengaluru.

Pic Courtesy : @manickamtagore

‘HAL, for me, is not just a company. It is an institution. When we got our independence, India built strategic assets to enter aerospace sectors. The work you have done is tremendous & the country owes a huge debt to you’

‘When Mr. Obama says there are only 2 countries that challenge USA are India and China, you(HAL) are an important part of it’

‘I have come here to listen to you how this strategic asset can be made more effective and the type of difficulties you are facing’


Voices of HAL Employees :

We have been insulted and let down. A company of 70 years of experience is thrown out of the Rafale agreement. I do not understand. A large and experienced company that should have been improved. You are killing us.:
Sirajuddin Retd HAL Employee

Bengaluru was the Public Sector Capital of India. Protecting our employment is the most important thing. In the new Rafale agreement, there is no transfer of technology:  Mahadevan, former HAL employee

Defence production cannot be given to private individuals. It is a strategic asset: Mahadevan, former HAL employee

For the first time in my life, I have seen the govt issuing a directive advising employees against attending an event:
Sirajuddin, Retd HAL Employee

During the Cold War, HAL was the only company that had an opportunity to work with Russian technologies. It is the best organisation in Asia:
Babu T Raghav, former Engineer of IAF

Source : @INCIndia

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