Tirumala Brahmotsavam

Day 4 – Evening 

A majestic ride on Sarvabhoopala Vahanam

On the evening of the Saturday during the ongoing Navaratri Brahmotsvams, Sri Malayappa Swamy took out a majestic ride on Sarvabhoopala Vahanam and blessed the devotees who thronged the galleries of the four Mada streets of Tirumala signifying that He is the Lord of Lords.

The Lord was resplendent in the Navaneetha Krishna alankaram rich in flower and jewllery decorations, the alankaram signified krishna on the silver ladder trying to steal the butter from the vessel above depicting, one of the childhood episodes of krishna.

Sarvabhoopala means that the Supreme Commander of the entire cosmos.

The message that comes out of this Vahanam of Sarva Bhoopala is to indicate that Lord Venkateswara controlled the entire universe, to protect the people, which is the quality of a true leader. Legends list Sri Malayappa as the controller of all directions and under His instructions Indra (East), Agni (south-east), Yama (god of death on the South), Niruti (North – East), and Varuna on (West), Vayu (south-west) and Kubera (god of wealth on North) and Parameswara on (North-west) execute their job chart.

Source : TTD

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