Gnyaairu Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal

PC Ramakrishna – prominent Voice-over artist and English Theatre personality speaks to tamilnaadulive

This Week’s Gnyaairu Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal features an exclusive interview with PC Ramakrishnavoice-over artist and prominent English Theater personality.

If there is a common feature in most Corporate and Documentary films, then it should be the voice of PC Ramakrishna. A voice that adds credibility by its presence, apart from its distinction and making it appealing to the listener.

His is a strong presence in the English Theater space too. For several years now his stage performances have left the English Theater audiences impressed and applauding.

Gnyaairu Kaalai’s ten questions to PC Ramakrishna help you understand the person more. A crisp, interesting interview – the voice¬†of course is the BONUS!


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