No blanket ban on sale of fire crackers: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court today refused a complete ban on sale of Fire crackers. But However, SC has allowed sale and manufacture of only less polluting green crackers. SC has also banned online sales of crackers and the duration for bursting crackers has been fixed from 8.00pm to 10.00pm.


Diwali Crackers Verdict : Voices on Twitter

– @vasudevan_k Tweeted :

Diwali crackers allowed only between
8pm and 10 pm. That’s like no bursting
at all. Tradition is early morning
bursting on Diwali.

Which means kids won’t get to light fireworks from morning to evening on Diwali. What a shame! Those wonderful times we had making bon fires of burst fireworks is now history.

TN firecracker manufacturing is a billion dollar business. That industry is gone for good


@terajasimhan Tweeted :

DiwaliCrackersVerdict – every year on Diwali, we get up at 4 am; apply oil; have Diwali marundhu and fire crackers. How can we change this custom ? Can kids, who love crackers, be controlled ?


–  @AdityaRajKaul Tweeted :


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