Dr. M S Swaminathan awarded 1st World Agriculture Prize

Pic Courtesy : @VPSecretariat

Dr. Swaminathan is a Vishwaguru in Agriculture : VP Venkaiah Naidu


Highlights of Vice President’s Speech :

  • Happy to participate in an event organized by Indian Council of Food and Agriculture to award first World Agriculture Prize to Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, one of world’s most distinguished agricultural scientists, in New Delhi today.
  • It is indeed a great honour for me to present this award to the most well known agricultural scientist of modern India who ushered in green revolution and laid a firm foundation for India’s food security.
  • It is indeed our good fortune that Dr. Swaminathan, cast in the mould of ancient seers of India, continues to guide the country and the world towards an evergreen revolution and a world without hunger.
  • As you all are aware, Dr. Swaminathan has pioneered the introduction of high-yielding varieties of wheat and rice seedlings in the fields of poor farmers, which led to steep increase in the food production in the country and paved the way to feed millions of people.
  • The agriculture sector needs a big push in India & in other parts of the world. It is obvious that a concerted, coordinated action is needed on a number of issues that impact the growth of agriculture sector and the quality of life of people who depend primarily on this sector.
  • The current challenge is to make it more profitable and ecologically sustainable. Being the second largest country in the world in terms of agricultural output, India is poised to take the lead in reforming the sector.
  • Shri Swaminathan is a Vishwaguru in Agriculture. As a teacher and a scholar he continues to leave his inspirational, ideational thought prints on the world.
  • We need to re-think the development paradigm & see how we can make agriculture more economically viable & attractive. We need a multi-pronged approach to address the complex interrelated issues in current agriculture scenario.


Pic Courtesy : @VPSecretariat

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