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I will raise the Indian fishermen issue with Prime Minister Rajapaksha: Swamy

Dr Subramanian Swamy tweets regularly on issues of national importance. Here are his today’s tweets:

I was happy to receive call from Prime Minister Rajapaksha. I congratulated him and said I will come to Colombo soon & raise remaining issues of Sri Lankan Tamils and suggest solutions after consulting Sri Lankan Tamils. I also will raise the Indian fishermen issue with him.

Once Namo clears my pending demand to declare Ram Setu as a National Heritage Monument I will work for Hindus to be able to walk from Dhanushkodi to Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka. Once we build Rameshwaram and Ayodhya airports we can have connecting air service to all three places.

I have been informed by respected BJP party seniors that involvement in cricket administration is not a party activity but is personal. Hence it is of no concern of the party if I prosecute for corruption those party men who are office bearers in cricket outfits.


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