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Congress President Rahul Gandhi addresses media in Chennai



Rahul Gandhi made three important announcements today : Chidambaram

  • Congress will pass the Women’s Reservation Bill reserving 33% of seats for women in Parliament and State Legislatures in the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha.
  • Congress will reserve 33% of all posts/vacancies for women in Central govt, central govt organisations and CPSUs.
  • Congress will increase spending on Education to 6% of GDP by 2023-24 setting the annual goals in the first budget itself.


Congress President Rahul Gandhi interacting with students at Stella Maris Women’s College, Chennai


While addressing the students at Stella Maris College in Chennai, Congress Persident Rahul Gandhi said “There is an ideological battle in the country today and they are sharply divided. One ideology is a unifying one that believes, the country should not be dominated by any one idea. No state should feel oppressed”.


Law should apply to everybody equally. PM Modi has his name in govt documents which say that he is directly responsible for negotiating parallelly with Dassault on Rafale deal. Investigate everybody: Rahul Gandhi. You can’t have a negative atmosphere in the country and expect economic growth. Economic growth is directly related to the mood of the country. We will move the country to a place where people feel empowered and happy, he added.

How many times have you seen the PM of India standing here like this, being open to any question from anybody? Why doesn’t the PM have the guts to come and stand in front of 3000 women and be questioned by them? : Rahul Gandhi


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