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World’s first Fishermen’s Parliament

At the world’s first Fishermen’s Parliament today in Trichur, over 3,000 delegates and 543 members representing different regions, exchanged ideas & debated what needs to be done to strengthen fishing communities around India. Here’s a short video from this unique parliament!: Rahul Gandhi


Congress Spokesperson Tom Vadakkan joins BJP

Minhaz Merchant Tweeted : 

The deluge of opposition leaders joining BJP continues. The oddest entrant: Tom Vadakkan. Never thought he’d cross over. The winds of Balakot swirl around.

Sagarika Ghose Tweeted : 

Good grief! The journalists’ go to soundbite provider INCIndia spokesperson TomVadakkan joins BJP. Bad optics in poll season.

Vasu Tweeted : 

I tweeted on 5th March 2019 that people join BJP if they have IT or related cases. And who RTed it? Tom Vadakkan. And today Tom Vadakkan joins BJP.

Will the Congress President tell us …:
Arun Jaitley

The original mistake, both on Kashmir and China, was committed by the same person.

Pt. Nehru’s infamous letter to Chief Ministers’ dated August 2, 1955 states “Informally, suggestions have been made by the United States that China should be taken into the United Nations but not in the Security Council, & that India should take her place in the Security Council. We cannot, of course, accept this as it means falling out with China and it would be very unfair for a great country like China not to be in the Security Council.”

Will the Congress President tell us who the original sinner was? : @arunjaitley

Dr Subramanian Swamy:

The cost of freeing Azhar in 1999 is now haunting us. The cost of gifting UNSC seat to China in 1950 is haunting us today. The cost of filing an illegal petition in UN on J&K is bleeding us everyday. Learn to introspect before blaming others. There are no free lunches.

Innovative work being done for swapping of EV batteries’

Delighted that young Startups are radically changing the world of in India: Ola, Ather, Gayam, Zoomcar, Smartbike, Ofo, Rivigo, Glyd, Rapido, Shuttle, SRide, Sun Mobility, ZipGo, Smart E. All of them disrupting to drive a clean, connected & a shared mobility future.

Delighted to visit Sun Mobility & see the vast range of innovative work being done for swapping of EV batteries & build a model of “Pay as you Go”. Gr8 work towards building a new mobility paradigm for India.

Pic Credit: @amitabhk87

This is a scene of an election camp at Delhi 1952 General Elections showing active participation of women in the festival of Democracy.

Elections1.jpgPic Credit: @PIB_India

World Butterfly Day

March 14 is observed as ‘WorldButterflyDay‘ and we are proud to say that The Art of Living International Center, Bengaluru is a house to many species of butterflies and these can be seen when walking through the campus.

Pic Courtesy : @BangaloreAshram


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