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Annamacharya has composed more than 32000 devotional songs extolling the glory of Lord Balaji


The nation is celebrating today (Vysakha-Purima) the 610th birth anniversary of ‘Pada Kavitha Pitamaha’ Annamacharya, the saint composer. He has composed more than 32000 devotional songs extolling the glory of Lord Balaji of Seven Hills, Tirumala Tirupati.

Annamacharya was a saint composer of 15th century hailing from Tallapaka village in Kadapa District, AP. He is one of the earliest popular composers in Telugu. He preached against untouchability. Even today his Lullaby is sung at Ananda-Nilyam,Tirumala during Ekanta seva :




Prayed at the Kedarnath Temple. Har Har Mahadev!: PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi offered prayers at the Kedarnath Temple today.

He will be meditating in a cave near the temple the whole of tonight till tomorrow morning.

Earlier PM Modi had trekked a 2 km long stretch to reach the cave.

Pic Credit: @narendramodi


Congress leader P Chidambaram on the dissent within the EC

Mr Ashok Lavasa, EC, complained that his ‘dissent’ was not being recorded and hence decided to stay away from meetings of the Commission. The CEC has replied that silence is eloquent. I am still trying to find the connection between the complaint and the answer!

CEC tells the people that some matters are best kept ‘internal’. Is he saying that the people — the voters — should not know or be concerned about the manner in which the Commission is conducting its business?

There is no need for any more proof that another independent institution has been captured by the Modi sarkar: P Chidambaram on Twitter 


The campaigning of this Lok Sabha Election 2019 has ended and as we await the last phase of polling, Andhra Pradesh CM Shri N Chandrababu Naidu paid me a visit to discuss the on going and future political scenario of our country: Sharad Pawar – NCP leader


Pic Credit: @PawarSpeaks



Majestic mountains! Clicked these pictures while on the way to Kedarnath: @narendramodi


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