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Rahul Gandhi and senior leaders of the Congress Party protest outside the Parliament against horse-trading by the BJP

In the Lok Sabha today

K Kanimozhi, DMK:

  • A Railway committee report says that accounting in Railways is neither scientific nor accurate.
  • Also, modernisation of the Railways does not matter, if the employment of manual scavengers continue.

P K Kunhalikutty, IUML:

  • If Kerala is not a part of your political map, it should not be so in the railway map.

‘Today’s good news from SC’

Dr. Subramanian Swamy:

Today’s good news from SC is that day to day hearing commence on the Ayodhya Temple matter from July 25 th day to day hearing after the Court reviews the progress made by the Mediation Committee starting next Thursday.

Ruling party is pulling our functionaries towards it to divert peoples’ attention from pressing issues: TTV Dhinakaran

  • AMMK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran spoke to the media today at Kalayar Koil.
  • He said only few functionaries for their own selfish reasons have left the party. Several strong and loyal functionaires are still with the party.
  • We draw our strength from cadres who are loyal to the party, he said.
  • The ruling party is drawing our functionaries towards it to divert the attention of the people from pressing issues, he further said.

A magnanimous gesture by KCR: AP CM YS Jagan in AP Assembly

  • AP CM YS Jagan spoke in the AP Assembly about the understanding with Telangana CM KCR on water sharing.
  • He said that it was a magnanimous gesture by KCR to release waters from his state to AP.
  • He explained that water from Telangana coming into Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar will stabilise Agricuture in Krishna Ayacut and will also benefit some districts in Telangana.
  • He found fault with former CM Chandrababu Naidu for criticizing the arrangement instead of appreciating it.
  • The Kaleeshwaram project was started and completed in NCBN’s tenure as CM, why he didn’t take any initiative against the project then, he asked.

‘US isn’t serious about making Pakistan end its sponsorship of terrorism’: Brahma Chellaney

Strategic thinker, author, commentator

US’s new courtship of Pakistan has been underlined by a $6-billion IMF bailout and by the US designation of a Baloch separatist group as “terrorist.”

Trump’s upcoming meeting with Imran Khan further confirms US isn’t serious about making Pakistan end its sponsorship of terrorism.

What makes the GSLV Mk-III India’s most capable launch vehicle to date…



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