In the News today – 30 July

Finance Minister N Sitharaman’s reply to the debate on Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019 in the Rajya Sabha

  • Gandhiji’s trusteeship principle is with which profit-making can not be devoid of social responsibility. The amendments we are bringing now are only to sharp focus that and make it far more effective.
  • Here is a Companies Act that is undergoing major changes. We are trying to bring in ease of doing business, bringing in a robust framework through which the Companies Act can be implemented.
  • We are declogging the NCLT by shifting of routine matters out of that. We are also trying to rationalise and recategorise minor offences for civil defaults.
  • Now it has become mandatory that companies do have a physical address. Physical register is to be maintained so that people can go and check them and there is a veracity of their claims.
  • Breach of ceiling on directorship is being made a ground for disqualification. For instance, if the numbers are crossed for holding the directorship beyond the permissible limit, it will bring in disqualification.
  • Even before you start the function, it is necessary for the company to declare before commencement of business.
  • Companies will now have to explain where they have spent the CSR money. We are giving a three years window after which they will have to move the CSR money in an escrow account if they don’t spend it.
  • Sec. 135 is being amended to provide for a specific penal provision in case of non-compliance of CSR.
  • We are strengthening the enforcement provisions that enable the SFIO to ensure speedy and more effective enforcement, including actions of disgorgement.

Time to consider amendments to the MSME act so that an MSME can put invoices for which payments are due in Public Domain in order to put pressure on those who have to pay: Jairam Ramesh

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha today on The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Amendment Bill, 2019 Congress MP Jairam Ramesh said that:

  • Its time for IBC to shift gears and focus on the MSME sector.
  • Its time to consider amendments to the MSME act so that an MSME can put invoices for which payments are due in Public Domain in order to put pressure on those who have to pay.
  • Compliments to the Govt. for reacting to ground level emerging situations and quickly coming up with Amendments to IBC.

Possibility of lender with small exposure putting at risk big lenders: Congress MP Dr T Subbarami Reddy

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha on the The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Amendment Bill Dr T Subbarami Reddy said:

  • Clear the air if the lender can go to a corporate guarantor first without first exhausting his options with the borrower.
  • Even a small lender with an exposure of 30 to 40 lakhs is able to approach NCLT.
  • Then NCLT appoints resolution professionals who replace the Management and run the company.
  • What do they know about running a company, if they take any wrong decision all the lenders money including Banks’ money is put to risk.
  • It is possible for a Promoter to make his own men approach NCLT and get a cut of 30, 40 50 or 60% of his debt. This loophole should be plugged.

Schools and Colleges in the State are being run for profit like a business enterprise: YS Jagan

AP CM YS Jagan touches upon the fees charged by Private School while speaking in the Assembly today. He said:

  • Private Schools are charging fees as per their own discretion.
  • There is no control on the fee mechanism employed by them.
  • In the earlier regime some of the Ministers were themselves owners of private schools.
  • Some schools are charging anything upwards of Rs 60,000 even for LKG and UKG classes.
  • Private Schools and Colleges are being run for profit like a business enterprise.
  • As per the rules Schools and Colleges cannot be run for profit. But what we are witnessing here is to the contrary.

P Sreekumar – Director of Space Science Programme Office – On Chandrayaan2


Editor’s Pick

Met the villagers under Ottapidaram Assembly constituency and heard their grievances by sitting in the resting place outside their homes. Assured them that the DMK will fulfill their demands:
MK Stalin

Pic Credit: @mkstalin

DMK president MK Stalin’s appeal to Dr Ramadoss

Knowingly or Unknowlingly a tense situation should not be created by issuing death threats against CPI leader Mutharasan and Archbishop Esra Sargunam known for their adherence to Democratic values. This spells trouble to our society.


TN CM EPS and Dy CM OPS handover Rs 15 lakhs to Gomathi Marimuthu in appreciation of her performance at the Asian Athletics Championship 2019

Pic Credit: @AIADMKOfficial

Home Ministry issues notice to Rahul Gandhi regarding British Citizenship



Campaign schedule of DMK President @mkstalin for the second phase of Assembly by-elections in the state

Few moments to cherish from the intense Aravakurichi Assembly by-election campaign: Jothimani – Congress leader

Pic Credit: @jothims

Chennai Metro Train Services restored

Chennai Metro train services from Chennai Central to Airport which were disrupted this morning requiring passengers to changeover at Alandur station to reach airport, were restored to normalcy.

Chennai Metro had earlier informed passengers that:

‘It has been identified that two of our cmrl non executive employees made the automatic signalling system to malfunction in the late evening of yesterday(29-4-2019).

CMRL extends it’s sincere apology to the metro rail passengers for the inconvenience caused because of this.

We are running services since early morning today as per schedule as we run on other days.

We will be restoring inter corridor train services shortly.’



New additions to the Croc Bank!!! A curatorial assistant, a clutch of river terrapin eggs, and three-striped roof turtle babies !!!:
Croc Bank @MCBT_India

Pic Credit: @MCBT_India

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‘A grateful nation bows to the martyrs of Pulwama’

‘Most Favoured Nation status to Pak stands withdrawn’

The entire opposition will stand together with our jawans and our Govt.: Rahul Gandhi

Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed the media.

Congress President Rahul gandhi said: This is a terrible tragedy. This type of violence done against our security forces is absolutely disgusting. The aim of terrorism is to divide this country and we are not going to be divided.

The entire opposition will stand together with our jawans and our Govt.

Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh said:
As the Congress President put it, today is the day of mourning. Our country has lost close to 40 jawans of the armed forces. Our foremost duty is to convey to the families that we are with them.

The Congress party stands in full support of our jawans and their families. We will do all that is necessary to keep this nation united.

The Cabinet Committee on Security met today at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, Delhi.

Pic Credit: @PMOIndia

PM Narendra Modi flags off Vande Bharat Express India‘s first semi-high speed train from New Delhi

Addressed thousands of booth level and Shakti Kendra workers of BJP in Vellore and also of three other adjoining constituencies. Exhorted them to work with new energy and enthusiasm to ensure the victory of Narendramodi as Prime Minister again.

 Pic Credit: @rsprasad

Air Asia honours Rajnikanth

With the entire faculty of the Commerce Department of Stella Maris College, Chennai yesterday. Startled to discover that commerce is the most popular subject in this women’s college, accounting for 1400 of Stella Maris’ 5000 students!: Shashi Tharoor – Congress leader

Tharoor7.jpgPic Credit: @ShashiTharoor

Sri Kamakshi Amman Devasthanam – Brahmotsavam – Muthu Chapparam (Pearl mandapam) Utsavam performed this morning Friday – 15 Feb. – day 7 of the Brahmotsavam. Kili (parrot) Vahana Utsavam performed in the evening


Pic Credit: @KanchiMatham


Ranjan Gogoi – new Chief Justice of India

Justice Ranjan Gogoi was sworn in as the 46th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan today.

He will hold the office till November 2019.

He is the first Chief Justice of India to visit Raj Ghat and pay respects to the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, after taking charge.

He is the son of former Chief Minister of Assam Keshab Chandra Gogoi. He is the first Chief Justice of India from the North-East of India.

He was the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court before being appointed to Supreme Court.

He was one among the four judges who held the Press Conference against the then CJI Dipak Misra on issues related to allocation of cases.

Pic Courtesy: Rashtrapathi Bhavan, PIB


Gandhi 150 – Mahatma forever!

Natesan’s little son gave it to me in Madras : Gandhiji

Soon after Gandhiji’s return from South Africa, a meeting of the Congress was held in Bombay. Kaka Saheb Kalelkar went there to help. One day Kaka Saheb found Gandhiji anxiously searching around his desk. “What’s the matter? What are you looking for?” Kaka Saheb asked. “I’ve lost my pencil,” Gandhiji answered. “It was only so big.”

Kaka Saheb was upset to see Gandhiji wasting time and worrying about a little pencil. He took out his pencil and offered it to him. “No, no, I want my own little pencil,” Gandhiji insisted like a stubborn child.

“Well, use it for the time being,” said Kaka Saheb. “I’ll find your pencil later. Don’t waste time looking for it now.”

“You don’t understand. That little pencil is very precious to me,” Gandhiji insisted. “Natesan’s little son gave it to me in Madras. He gave it with so much love and affection. I cannot bear to lose it.” Kaka Saheb didn’t argue any more. He joined Gandhiji in the search. At last they found it-a tiny piece, barely two inches long. But Gandhiji was delighted to get it back. To him it was no ordinary pencil. It was the token of a child’s love and to Gandhiji a child’s love was very precious.

Source : Uma Shankar Joshi

President Kovind and PM Modi pay Tributes at Raj Ghat

Mahatma Gandhi’s message resonates in over 120 countries!

Bapu unites the world!

Among the highlights of today’s programme was the excellent rendition of Bapu’s favourite ‘Vaishnav Jan To‘ by artists from 124 nations.

This is a must hear, tweeted PM Narendra Modi.

Stunning LED display at the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai!

Sabarimala Verdict: Excerpts from views on Twitter!


Women to be allowed into Sabarimala Temple, rules Supreme Court Constitution Bench.

Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Justice Nariman, Justice Chandrachud & Justice Khanwilkar concur; Justice Indu Malhotra dissents.

What constitutes essential religious practice not for Court to decide – Justice Indu Malhotra.

Notions of rationality cannot be brought into matters of religion – Justice Indu Malhotra.

Devotees of Ayyappa do not constitute a separate relgious denomination – Chief Justice, Dipak Misra.

The law and society are tasked with the task to act as levellers – Chief Justice, Dipak Misra.

I am happy that SC has decided that gender equality in worship is to be followed in Sabarimalai. This is what I had been advocating:
@Swamy39, Rajya Sabha MP,  Fmr. Union Cabinet Minister.

India is now effectively a judicial democracy Section377 Verdict, Adultery Verdict, Sabarimala Verdict – what politicians wont do, cant do and are too scared to do- judges will & can:
@BDUTT, Emmy Nominated Reporter. Author.

The only judge who gave judgement against the entry women in Sabarimala is a woman. Talks a lot about how some genuine women view an issue and how men who are living under the illusion of pseudo-feminism view an issue in western lens:
@im_saiganesh, Political Analyst and writer.

Interestingly 4 judges favoured for allowing women but the dissenting judge was a woman. Hello patriarchy, I see what you have done to women to bring down other woman is far more damaging than what you have done to men. We have a long long way to go:

There were many wrongs in Kerala. In 18th Century lower caste women not allowed to cover breasts. Changed after long protests. Till 1925, Upper caste only to enter Temples. Gandhiji led protests changed it. Now women entry in Sabarimala after SC intervention. Evolving process.

Swami Vivekananda termed Kerala as “Lunatic Asylum”, seeing the bad practices. Actually @amitabhk87 in mid 90s coined the term “God’s Own Country” during his tenure in Kerala’s Tourism Dept.

Court’s intervention came in mid 80s after complaints & there was a State order of 1965 preventing entry of women during periods. These things can’t stand judicial scrutiny. Any way now those who wish can go … :
@jgopikrishnan70, Journalist, Special Correspondent.

There is a reason why women are not allowed inside the temple. Lord Ayyappa is worshipped in the form of a ‘brahmchari‘ at Sabarimala. Forcing our preferences on a god who is an eternal celibate just to prove a point is certainly not the way to go about:
@MrsGandhi, National In-Charge of Social Media of a National Party.

Total neglect of constitutional rights of the Deity … Is there a possibility of an ordinance? Hindus should unite and demand justice:
@jaypanicker from Thiruvallavazhu, Keralam.

You defeated us : Indian supreme court.
You lost our love from our faith angle.
No matter what you say next in any case.
You admitted a case from a person who had no locus-standi in the case:
@shakkuiyer, Business Strategist

I openly say, I will not allow young woman of my family and relatives to go to Sabarimalai. I will follow temple principles …:
@parthasri201475, Weather Enthusiast from Tamil Nadu.

The legal fight is not over with those arguing for status quo at Sabarimala planning to immediately move a review petition in the Supreme court:
@Iamtssudhir, Journalist. Columnist.

Post Aadhaar Verdict: A broader view


Supreme Court judgement on Aadhaar is a big win for the Government:
– It upholds the validity of Aadhaar
– Opines that it doesn’t infringe on Right to Privacy
– Makes it mandatory for social welfare programs, tax  filings & PAN
Quashes surveillance theory, tweeted Amit Malviya @amitmalviya,      IT Head of BJP.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted:
For Congress, Aadhaar was an instrument of empowerment. For the BJP, Aadhaar is a tool of oppression and surveillance. Thank you Supreme Court for supporting the Congress vision and protecting India.

Aadhaar is Mandatory Only! But Not Mandatory Also… tweeted Saravanan Annadurai @asaravanan21 of DMK.

Overall a balanced SC Aadhaar Verdict. Privacy protected (no Aadhaar for banks, mobiles, schools, private companies). Subsidies also protected (Aadhaar mandatory) against middlemen siphoning off benefits for the poor, tweeted Eminent Journalist, Minhaz Merchant @MinhazMerchant.

Chalo. Aadhar has no Aadhar in many areas of our lives…hope the goddamn text messages from mobile telephone companies and banks will stop!, tweeted Marketing Expert, Author, Suhel Seth @suhelseth.

Order! Order! Aadhaar is in order, tweeted Historian, Writer, Sriram V @MadrasMobile.

The much awaited Supreme Court judgement on Aadhaar was pronounced today.

It is better to be unique than the best, Aadhaar has become the most talked about expression in the recent years said Justice AK Sikri at the start of delivering his Aadhaar judgment.

The Aadhaar Act was upheld by the SC with a 4:1 majority. Justice Chandrachud dissents, strikes down Aadhaar.

The Supreme Court held the section of Aadhaar Act which enables body corporates to seek authentication as unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court also said, Aadhaar cannot be mandated for opening of bank accounts. CBSE, NEET too cannot mandate Aadhaar, the court ruled.

The Supreme Court strikes down some provisions of Aadhaar Act, refuses to completely strike down the Act.

In effect Aadhaar is not required for:
Opening of Bank Accounts
Procuring SIM cards
Admissions in CBSE Schools
NEET Exams
Authentication by Private companies.

Aadhaar is required for availing subsidies and for filing IT returns, by linking PAN Cards.

So what is the impact of the Verdict on the common man …

The tweet by Prominent Delhi-based Journalist Arvind Gunasekar @arvindgunasekar sums it up aptly,
Card protected but tag removed.
(Can keep it but no need to hang it around
your neck every time)

Aadhaar was introduced to empower the down-trodden, who rely heavily on Govt. subsidies. In practice, in the past few years it became a tool of intimidation. With every service provider insisting on it and threatening end users with messages and calls for compliance. This brought about a huge gap between the Govt. and the common man. As each act of intimidation was seen as one done on behalf of the Govt.

In this context the Supreme Court Verdict brings a huge relief to vast segments of our people. With only about 5.29 Crore IT returns filed last year, the mandatory linking to PAN will impact only a few.

Utilising this opportunity the Govt can insist on Aadhaar for those availing subsidies, but can suspend biometric checks at the point of distribution of subsidies to avoid genuine, bottom of the pyramid beneficiaries from being denied much needed support in terms of ration supplies and wages.

Several instances of the poor being denied subsidies due to mismatch in biometrics due to various factors beyond their control, are being consistently reported in the independent media.

The Govt can order an in-depth review of the biometrics aspect of Aadhaar from recording, safe-keeping, protecting and authentication and then re-introduce last mile authentication again.

So let Aadhaar be mandatory for availing subsidies, biometrics can take a back-seat till fool-proof systems are in place.

In an election year this can only help the Govt. wipe out all the bitterness accumulated against it due to a combination of factors.

Justice AK Sikri said, Education took us from Thumb impression to signature and Technology has taken us from Signature to Thumb impression. Technology should deliver cent percent in authenticating Thumb Impressions – the poor and the needy depend on it!

Pic Courtesy: Supreme Court

National Sports & Adventure Awards presented

President Kovind presented the National Sports & Adventure Awards today.

He conferred the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2018 upon Virat Kohli in recognition of his outstanding achievements in Cricket.

Prominent among those who received the Arjuna awards are:

Hima Das for her outstanding achievements in Athletics.

Manpreet Singh for Hockey.

Sathiyan for his outstanding achievements in Table Tennis.


President Kovind presented the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2017 to Dr Anshu Jamsenpa. She is the only woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest twice in a span of 5 days. She has climbed Mt. Everest five times and is the first Indian woman to do so.

He also presented the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2017 to Capt Udit Thapar. He holds the distinction of being the youngest Indian skydiver at 16. He is a skydiver with 800 jumps from 15 types of aircraft & helicopters and has 500+ wingsuit flights to his credit.

President Kovind presented the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar 2018 to Isha Outreach in recognition of its contribution in the field of ‘Sports for Development’.

The Trust impacted 28,000 children of 40 adopted Government schools in Tamil Nadu under various programmes.

Pic Courtesy: @rashtrapathiBhvn

Sikkim’s first, India’s WOW!


Today is a momentous day for the aviation sector. Delighted to have inaugurated the airport in Sikkim.

In the Pakyong Airport, Sikkim gets its first airport and India its one hundredth.

Come, visit Sikkim and experience the beauty and hospitality of the state!, Said PM Narendramodi inaugurating Sikkim’s first airport.

People score century in the game of cricket, but today India has also scored a century. With the opening of Pakyong Airport now there are 100 working airports in the country, PM Modi said.


Perched between the Himalayan ranges, spread over 201 acres and located on top of a hill, the airport stands at 4,500 feet above sea level.

The New Greenfield Airport terminal building is an excellent architectural structure of 3200 sqm, having the capacity to handle 5 Lakhs passenger per annum.

The Airport  brings the State of Sikkim on India’s aviation map.

It marks the beginning of a new era in the aviation history of Sikkim and will boost connectivity, tourism & trade by linking this beautiful State to the rest of India by air, said Union Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu.

I feel particularly happy for the warm & wonderful people of Sikkim … The airport at Pakyong will significantly reduce the travel time & boost the inflow of tourists & economic opportunities to the State, tweeted MoS Housing & Urban Affairs, Hardeep Singh Puri.

It is a historic day for Sikkim. Pakyong Airport will not only improve connectivity between North East and rest of India, it will also add to India’s strategic power said MoS Electronics & IT SS Ahluwalia in a tweet.

The inauguration of Sikkim‘s first-ever commercial Airport at Pakyong in spite of geographic challenges is all set to mark a new beginning, tweeted  Neiphiu Rio, Chief Minister of Nagaland

India’s airports are no longer sources of embarrassment but points of pride. And airports signify arrival, discovery & new adventures… I’ve never been to Sikkim, but making plans now! tweeted Anand Mahindra, Executive Chairman Mahindra Group.

Pakyong Airport Sikkim’s first, India’s WOW!

Pic Courtesy: Twitter

Come to us with your demands: Rahul Gandhi to Teachers

Congress party is commencing it’s work in drafting a manifesto. I want the teachers to form a delegation and come to us with your demands, said Congress President Rahul Gandhi speaking to teachers at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi today.

When Mr. Obama said the real competition for USA is the engineers/doctors/lawyers coming out of India, he was praising the teachers of India. Everybody talks about the success of the Indian education system.

Teachers are a very important resource in the country, who work in extremely difficult circumstances.

As far as the Indian education system is concerned, Two things are non-negotiable: Teachers should be able to express and the teachers should be given a vision for their own future.

For me, it is impossible to lead India, without having a conversation with India. The idea is, I should be a reflection of what is in your heart.

I will promise you one thing, we will reverse the centralisation of power that is done by Modi govt. We will restore autonomy to institutions.

The foundation of our system is the public education system. This doesn’t mean there is no space for private institutions, but, the guiding light should be public institutions. Govt should see education as a strategic resource and must put money into it.

Every govt has had successes since Independence. Today an ideology is imposed on the teachers, and I understand that.

A country of over a billion people cannot possibly be run on one single idea. The fact that we allow our people to express is the strength of our country, the Congress President said.

I’m coming here as a student to listen to you. I have my views on the education system in the country, but I defer to your understanding of the education system in the country, because you are fighting the battle, Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul 4.jpg
Pic Courtesy @INCIndia

When I say ‘Naalai Namathey’ its based on my trust in you: Kamal Haasan

MNM President Kamal Haasan addressed several meetings today which included places like Dharapuram, Veerapandi and Kangeyam.

All the meetings witnessed good turnout.

When we coined the name ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam’ for our party, several people asked if the name will reach the people.

But in a very short time, the name of the party is deeply recorded in the hearts and lips of the people said Kamal Haasan at a public meeting in Veerapandi this evening.

At a Public Meeting in Kangeyam, a differently abled person waded his way to the stage with the help of his hands. Kamal Haasan held his hands firmly took the mud from his hands, applied it on his forehead and declared – this is my ‘Vetri Thilagam’.

Elsewhere in Ellapalayam Village Kamal Haasan told the villagers

       The time will come when City dewellers will move towards villages.              Educated youth too should move towards the village

After his address he served lunch to the villagers and later sat with them and had lunch.

Kamal 3

He also addressed a huge gathering at Dharapuram. He told them

      When I say ’Naalai namathey’ its based on my trust in you …

      Bigg Boss and Cinema may give me popularity. It is those who have                gathered here give their love to me.

Ardent Kamal fans following his tours will be hoping that Nammavar carves a niche for himself in Tamil Nadu Politics!

Pic Courtesy : @maiamofficial