Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal

Interview with Padma Shri Dr Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti


In this Exclusive Interview to tamilnaadulive Dr Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti speaks about

the origins of weaving silk sarees,
the origin of Zari,
the origin of weaving Zari into silk sarees,
about the bond with Nalli’s customers,
about his interesting early days in Nalli …




Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal

Exclusive Interview with Palani G Periasamy – Economic Professor, Businessman, Educationist and one among the very few who enjoyed the confidence of MGR.

He shares his career journey with us and don’t miss out on what he says if he were to start his career all over again today.

‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai’ with V. Udaya Sankar who won all round appreciation for his Gaja Cyclone Relief Work

tamilnaadulive exclusive!



Among us there are Common People, Achievers, Eminent personalities, Scholars, Leaders and several others.

Its very rare that a common man does something that is not very common and still wants to remain a common man.

Udaya Sankar, a Regional lead of NASSCOM is the one we are referring to.

A frantic call from his wife and a picture of a cyclone devastated house made Udaya Sankar jump into relief work in the Gaja Cyclone affected Delta Districts. In association with education institutions he and his team have been in the field for 25 days and still continuing to help the cyclone affected people.

Nothing else can be more authentic than a first hand narration by Udaya Sankar of the ground situation in the Delta districts.

Don’t miss his Exclusive VIDEO interview to tamilnaadulive to know why his work is being appreciated.

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Gnyaayiru Kaalai with Chef Damu

tamilnaadulive exclusive!

When it comes to famous chefs in Tamil Nadu, Chef Damu certainly stands out.

He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon. A whopping 617 dishes. 190 kg of food. One man, One day. Or, to be precise, 24 hours, 30 minutes and 12 seconds. He also helped cook one of the World’s longest dosas in 2012 measuring 14.7 metres and once made 6000 kilos of biryani.

He is also the first Indian chef to receive PhD in Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

We speak to Chef Damu in this week’s episode of ‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal‘.



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Gnyaayiru Kaalai with K.Balakrishnan, CPIM State Secretary


This week’s ‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal’ features an exclusive Interview with K.Balakrishnan, CPIM State Secretary.

Balakrishnan joined CPI(M) in 1970 as a student and rose through the party ranks.From his college days in Annamalai University, he was involved in politics and continuously fighting against injustice and working for people welfare.

He was active in various areas, including farmers’ and workers’ rights.

A member of the party’s central committee and State secretary, Mr. Balakrishan, elected from Chidambaram constituency in 2011, also functioned as the party’s whip in the Assembly. He was also the President of the Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam, affiliated to the party. He was appointed as State Secretary of CPI(M) Tamil Nadu on Feb 21 2018.


‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai…’ with Padma Shri Kanyakumari

This week’s ‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal‘ features an exclusive Interview with Padmashri A. Kanyakumari 

Ms.Kanyakumari is India’s leading violinist in the Carnatic style of music. She has been in the field for over four decades, successfully playing the various roles of soloist, accompanist, teacher, innovator and organizer, dedicating life to music alone. She considers herself fortunate to be a disciple of 3 great legendary gurus: Ivaturi Vijeswara Rao, M. Chandrasekaran and M. L. Vasanthakumari.

Ms.Kanyakumari’s extensive experience as an artist spans more than four decades. Combined with a sharp acumen and fine sense of creativity, she has earned herself a distinct place in the world of music.

Listening to her sparkling brighas and intricate sangatis while she had just started to tread her musical journey, the respected music critic Subbudu compared her music to the ever glittering diamond stud in the nose ring of the Goddess Kanyakumari.

She also has many successful creative innovations to her credit – ‘Vadya Lahari‘ her brain child is a new combo of the violin, veena and Nadaswaram. ‘Tristhayi Sangamam‘ Confluence of 3 violins playing in different octaves portraying a special dimension.

Recently she has composed 7 ragas bearing the names of the 7 hills of Tirumala.


Gnyaairu Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal

PC Ramakrishna – prominent Voice-over artist and English Theatre personality speaks to tamilnaadulive

This Week’s Gnyaairu Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal features an exclusive interview with PC Ramakrishnavoice-over artist and prominent English Theater personality.

If there is a common feature in most Corporate and Documentary films, then it should be the voice of PC Ramakrishna. A voice that adds credibility by its presence, apart from its distinction and making it appealing to the listener.

His is a strong presence in the English Theater space too. For several years now his stage performances have left the English Theater audiences impressed and applauding.

Gnyaairu Kaalai’s ten questions to PC Ramakrishna help you understand the person more. A crisp, interesting interview – the voice of course is the BONUS!

Meet the ever smiling Dhananjayans!

tamilnaadulive exclusive!

This week’s ‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal‘ features an exclusive Interview with V. P Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan, popularly known as the Dhananjayans – Padma Awardee Bharatanatyam Gurus.

They have been known as one of the most legendary ‘Natya’ couples in India, with a long, illustrious career spanning more than five decades.

They stole the thunder with their novel ideas that they bring to their presentations through a unique repertoire that they have developed.

The vitality of dance, their costumes, the attraction of merging of the male and female dance principles in specially conceived duets are all part of the charisma of their performances.

They left Kalakshetra in the late 1960s, wanting to carve a career for themselves, in a dance scene that was dominated by the wealthy, and started their own Dance Academy Bharata Kalanjali, now Internationally recognized as a premier institution for Bharatanatyam.

The Dhananjayans place particular emphasis on imparting Indian tradition and culture to their Bharatanatyam students.

In this Exclusive Interview with tamilnaadulive, the Dhanajayans share their perspective about significant aspects of Bharatanatyam in today’s context and interesting incidents from their long and illustrious career.

Pic Courtesy : Bharata Kalanjali

Dr. Sirkali Siva Chidambaram speaks at length about devotional music in the era of iTunes and Youtube

tamilnaadulive exclusive!

This week’s ‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal‘ features Part 2 of the exclusive Interview with Padmashri Dr. Sirkali G. Siva Chidambaram. 

He evinced keen interest in music right from a very tender age. He inherited the musical traits, under the able guidance of his father, and the rigorous whip-cord training in classical music from his ‘guru’ Sangeetha Vidwan B. Krishnamurthy, he gained more knowledge about the nuances and subtleties of classical music.

He has been blessed by eminent personalities as a child prodigy in music. His interest in music was so wide that he not only graduated in classical carnatic music, but also from the Trinity College of Music, London in the Pianoforte.

Dr.Sirkali Sivachidambaram has recorded a song, Enadharumai Raanuva Veerargaal,
written by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India. His extempore rendering of
the song on ‘Youth empowerment’ in Tamil written by former President of India
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, during the inauguration of Tamil Isai Sangam festival in
Chennai received wide appreciation.

Click below to view the Second Part of the Exclusive Interview.

Dr. Sirkali G. Siva Chidambaram throws the spotlight on his legendary father Dr. Sirkali Govindarajan’s musical journey and his own contribution in carrying forward the proud legacy!

This week’s ‘Gnyaayiru Kaalai 10 Manikku 10 Kelvigal‘ features an exclusive Interview with Padmashri Dr. Sirkazhi G. Siva Chidambaram.

Dr. Sirkali G. Siva Chidambaram is the illustrious son of Carnatic Music exponent trailblazer and colossally popular vocalist, ‘Isai Perarignar’ ‘Padmashri’ Dr. Sirkali Govindarajan.

Apart from being a musician, he is also a physician, with a Post-Graduate degree in Internal Medicine. He worked as Dean/Spl.officer, Perambalur Govt Medical college, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu.

He instituted the Isaimani Dr.Seerkali S.Govindarajan memorial foundation, a charitable trust in memory of his father to serve the society at large with medical help, scholarships and educational aids for the un-affordable apart from taking music to inaccessible areas and exposing traditional musical wealth for all in the nook and corner of the country.

Click below to view the First Part of the Exclusive Interview. The Second Part will be published on Sunday 7, October 2018.