Anand Mahindra posted this on Twitter this morning :

‘ @himikac asked Anand Mahindra :

” Hahahhhaaa… Have you had to face this? “


To which Anand Mahindra replied :

” Not THIS long 😋 But my wife & I were once shopping at the Natick Mall near Boston&I was waiting patiently for her on a bench outside a lingerie store. 2 Indian tourists recognised me&said hello.I desperately explained that I was with my wife&not a voyeur looking into the store! “



Anand Mahindra shared this on Twitter :


A little later :

‘Sir u really use tuv….I thought u must be using…Mercedes Audi Bentley etc…’ tweeted Saurabh sharma @15saurabhSharma

‘I’ve never used anything other than a Mahindra car…’  replied @anandmahindra