2020 marks the 100th year of the foundation of the Communist Party of India

CPI (M), @cpimspeak :

  • Oct 17th, 2020 marks the 100th year of the foundation of the Communist Party of India. CPIM Central Committee has given a call for a year-long observation of the foundation of the Party.
  • These 100 years, since the formation of the Communist Party, constitutes a glorious chapter in the history of modern India – a history of fierce struggles, immense sacrifices of countless revolutionaries during the freedom struggle and subsequently.
  • The formation of the Communist Party provided, for the first time, a theoretical and practical education in Marxism-Leninism to various scattered groups of revolutionaries across India.
  • Small Communist groups in Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and the UP-Punjab region were all brought together for a Communist conference in Kanpur in 1925 and the Communist Party of India started functioning inside the country.
  • Theoretical-ideological inputs provided by MN Roy and Rajani Palme Dutt shaped the consciousness of many of the early Indian Communists.
  • Right from the start, the Communist Party began influencing the national movement. At the Ahmedabad session of the All India Congress Committee, 1921, Moulana Hasrat Mohani & Swami Kumarananda moved a resolution demanding complete independence.
  • The first Communist government in Kerala, 1957, the Left Front governments in West Bengal and subsequently in Tripura, apart from its role in the Indian Parliament, contributed significantly to the evolution of modern Indian politics.
  • Inclusive India shall triumph! Forward march to socialism shall continue!


Public Meeting in Kolkata to mark the occasion

  • Thousands of people gathered inside the Netaji Indoor Stadium Kolkata to mark the commencement of the Centenary observation of the the foundation of the Communist Party in India. CPM leader Biman Basu presided over the event.
  • CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury addressed the public meeting

Pic Credit: @CPIMSpeak