Kerala will make 10 lakh electric vehicles by 2020

Inaugurating the EVOLVE e-mobility conference & expo 2019, CM Pinarayi Vijayan has said that Kerala will make 10 lakh electric vehicles by 2020. The Kerala Automobiles Limited will make 8000 electric auto-rickshaws every year. KAL will also make 3000 electric buses for KSRTC.

Pic Courtesy : @CMOKerala


Disruption in mobility is inevitable : Amitabh Kant

Disruption in mobility is inevitable. India lost out in the mobile manufacturing, solar,semiconductor fab sectors. We can’t afford to lose out in shared,connected & EV revolution. We need to use our size & scale & in 5 yrs yrs, export not import EVs, battery & it’s components.

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Electric Mobility Revolution in full swing: A fleet of Green e-autos at Dwarka, providing clean, green and affordable last mile connectivity for passengers of Delhi Metro : CEO,Niti Aayog, @amitabhk87


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A blessed moment from the Guruvayur Temple : PM Modi


PM Narendra Modi offers prayers at Sri Krishna Temple in Guruvayoor, Kerala

The Guruvayur Temple is divine and magnificent. Prayed at this iconic Temple for the progress and prosperity of India : @narendramodi


PM Narendra Modi conferred with Maldives’ highest honour accorded to foreign dignitaries

YS Jagan’s Cabinet: Names of Ministers’ and their Portfolios


AP CM YS Jagan’s first meeting with Govt. Officials at the Secretariat

AP CM YS Jagan commences working from his office at AP Secretariat

At Kalyanapuram in Chennai Harbour Constituency, inaugurated water distribution through a tank. Party District Secretary PK Sekar Babu and other functionaries were present:
Dayanidhi Maran – Chennai Central MP

Pic Credit: @DayanidhiMaran

Know why practising Ardha Chakrasana is helpful….


Sabarimala Verdict: Excerpts from views on Twitter!


Women to be allowed into Sabarimala Temple, rules Supreme Court Constitution Bench.

Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Justice Nariman, Justice Chandrachud & Justice Khanwilkar concur; Justice Indu Malhotra dissents.

What constitutes essential religious practice not for Court to decide – Justice Indu Malhotra.

Notions of rationality cannot be brought into matters of religion – Justice Indu Malhotra.

Devotees of Ayyappa do not constitute a separate relgious denomination – Chief Justice, Dipak Misra.

The law and society are tasked with the task to act as levellers – Chief Justice, Dipak Misra.

I am happy that SC has decided that gender equality in worship is to be followed in Sabarimalai. This is what I had been advocating:
@Swamy39, Rajya Sabha MP,  Fmr. Union Cabinet Minister.

India is now effectively a judicial democracy Section377 Verdict, Adultery Verdict, Sabarimala Verdict – what politicians wont do, cant do and are too scared to do- judges will & can:
@BDUTT, Emmy Nominated Reporter. Author.

The only judge who gave judgement against the entry women in Sabarimala is a woman. Talks a lot about how some genuine women view an issue and how men who are living under the illusion of pseudo-feminism view an issue in western lens:
@im_saiganesh, Political Analyst and writer.

Interestingly 4 judges favoured for allowing women but the dissenting judge was a woman. Hello patriarchy, I see what you have done to women to bring down other woman is far more damaging than what you have done to men. We have a long long way to go:

There were many wrongs in Kerala. In 18th Century lower caste women not allowed to cover breasts. Changed after long protests. Till 1925, Upper caste only to enter Temples. Gandhiji led protests changed it. Now women entry in Sabarimala after SC intervention. Evolving process.

Swami Vivekananda termed Kerala as “Lunatic Asylum”, seeing the bad practices. Actually @amitabhk87 in mid 90s coined the term “God’s Own Country” during his tenure in Kerala’s Tourism Dept.

Court’s intervention came in mid 80s after complaints & there was a State order of 1965 preventing entry of women during periods. These things can’t stand judicial scrutiny. Any way now those who wish can go … :
@jgopikrishnan70, Journalist, Special Correspondent.

There is a reason why women are not allowed inside the temple. Lord Ayyappa is worshipped in the form of a ‘brahmchari‘ at Sabarimala. Forcing our preferences on a god who is an eternal celibate just to prove a point is certainly not the way to go about:
@MrsGandhi, National In-Charge of Social Media of a National Party.

Total neglect of constitutional rights of the Deity … Is there a possibility of an ordinance? Hindus should unite and demand justice:
@jaypanicker from Thiruvallavazhu, Keralam.

You defeated us : Indian supreme court.
You lost our love from our faith angle.
No matter what you say next in any case.
You admitted a case from a person who had no locus-standi in the case:
@shakkuiyer, Business Strategist

I openly say, I will not allow young woman of my family and relatives to go to Sabarimalai. I will follow temple principles …:
@parthasri201475, Weather Enthusiast from Tamil Nadu.

The legal fight is not over with those arguing for status quo at Sabarimala planning to immediately move a review petition in the Supreme court:
@Iamtssudhir, Journalist. Columnist.