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Exclusive chat between KM Music Conservatory Principal A.R. Rahman and The World’s Best winner Lydian Nadhaswaram in Surojeet Chatterji’s Russian Piano Studio during the KMMC 11th Year Anniversary Celebration

‘Here goes my next – watchman trailer’

‘RKNagar is releasing next month!!!’


‘Here it is; the much awaited SoundStory trailer..’

‘April 6th is the date..’

VIJAYAM song from LakshmisNTR

‘Found this place in Pune..that serves warm cookies with icecream.. Yummiest I ever had…’


tamilnaadulive cinema

‘Happy to release the Teaser’


‘Happy birthday..’

‘See you on the 22nd of March..’


tamilnaadulive cinema

‘Here is the title announcement video of..’


‘Happy to launch the intriguing K13 Teaser’


tamilnaadulive cinema

‘Here’s the First Look of Thumbaa’


‘The kaara saaramana song..’

‘The Story of our people’