The bigger the economy is, the better we will be able defeat poverty, upgrade the middle-class living style and complete the aspirations of the youth : PM Modi

PM Modi addressed a public meeting in Pune. Excerpts:

  • Unprecedented changes are taking place all around the world. To deal with such changes, India was in need of a powerful and capable government. You’ve chosen a suitable Govt for the next five years at the Centre.
  • Haven’t you felt the effect of the New India in the last 100 days? Do you see its power? Do you see its decision-making abilities and clarity in ideas? We are doing all of this for the betterment of the country.
  • The entire world can see the new-found confidence of New India. Everyone can feel the change. They are discussing #HowdyModi.
  • Since the last 70 years, the entire country was facing the hurdle of Article 370. There were a lot of talks to remove it, but no one dared to do it. Was this the first Govt in India with a full majority? No, it is not.
  • This decision wasn’t easy to make. Whenever we bring a change to the ongoing situation, protests are expected. But the India of 21st century will not stop at the ongoing situation, and isn’t afraid of changes.
  • We’ll need to pick up some new habits as well. They include our personal and professional lives. Both skill development and skill up-gradation are key in today’s times of constant upliftment of technology.
  • The Govt, the businessmen or the youth, everyone needs to stay ready for the new economy of new India. I want to ensure the youth of the nation that the next year is full of opportunities.
  • Every business leader I’ve had a discussion with globally is keen to come to India. The growth in investment in India in the last five years has been five times. India, today, is one of the top-FDI friendly countries in the world.
  • The Govt has recently taken a lot of measures to bolster the economy. We have taken steps to promote manufacturing, start-ups, and have given sops in corporate tax. Our Govt will take every step needed for the bright future of the Indian youth and investment.
  • There has been tremendous change in air connectivity in the last five years. Under the Udan Yojana, 9 airports in Maharashtra have been connected aerially. Today, a common man can avail the services of aviation.
  • For us, five-trillion dollar isn’t just a milestone, but is the oath connected to the dreams of 130 crore Indians. The bigger the economy is, the better we will be able defeat poverty, upgrade the middle-class living style and complete the aspirations of the youth

Different places, same spirit, same vibrancy!

@narendramodi – Prime Minister of India :

  • Have a look at these pictures from today’s rallies in Akola and Jalna.
  • The corruption of Congress and NCP continues to haunt.
  • People are in no mood to vote for those who have misused public money.
  • Maharashtra wants NDA again!
Pic Courtesy : @narendramodi


In the News today – 13 October 2019


One part of my statement has been completely twisted out of context, says Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad withdrawing his comment on box office performance of films


Rousing reception for Prime Minister Modi at Sakoli, Maharashtra: Amit Malviya


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Maharashtra campaign trail

@RahulGandhi – Congress leader:

  • If you ask anyone about the problem of the public, the answer is – bad condition of farmers and unemployment.
  • The farmers are not getting the right price for their produce and the youth are not getting employment



President Kovind meets PM Modi’s mother

@rashtrapatibhvn :

  • President Kovind met Hira Baa, mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • The President conveyed his best wishes for her good health.



Pic Credit: @rashtrapatibhvn

PM Narendra Modi’s followers on Instagram cross 30 million

@amitmalviya – In-charge of BJP’s national Information & Technology :
  • PM Narendra Modi crosses 30 million followers on Instagram, popular among youth.
  • He is the most followed world leader on Instagram ahead of US President Trump as well as former US President Obama and the only world leader to reach the 30 million milestone.





Praggnanandhaa receives his first GOLD in U18 category!!!





#Arunachal #AmazingArunachal #VisitArunachal

‘The best time for bikers..’

@PemaKhanduBJP – Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh :

  • Motorcycle Road Trip today from Yingkiong to Pasighat.
  • The 122km route offers best road conditions and picturesque views.
  • Now is the best time for bikers in Arunachal. 
Pic Credit: @PemaKhanduBJP


Tamil Nadu Live – News Headlines – 12 October 2019

  • ‘Chennai Connect’ begins a New Era of Cooperation in India-China relations : PM Modi

  • My solution to Air India issue is: list 49% of its shares on the stock market and restrict to Indian and OCI persons. 51% with government: Dr Subramanian Swamy

  • A bronze for Mary Kom at AIBA World Boxing Championship 2019. She goes down by 1-4 in the semi-finals to Busenaz Cakiroglu of Turkey clinching a bronze


In the News today – 12 October 2019

#ModiXiSummit #Modi

Highlights from a historic Informal Summit in Tamil Nadu


Chinese President Xi Jinping departs for Nepal

‘A special Thank You to my sisters and brothers of Tamil Nadu’

@narendramodi : 

  • A special Thank You to my sisters and brothers of Tamil Nadu. As always, their warmth and hospitality was outstanding. It’s always a delight to be among the people of this dynamic state. I also thank the Government of TN for their efforts in organising the Summit in Mamallapuram.
  • I would also like to express my gratitude to all political parties and socio-cultural organisations of Tamil Nadu for the support and hospitality during the India-China Informal Summit in beautiful Mamallapuram.

PM Modi exchanging gifts with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Pic Courtesy : PIB

PM Modi having a tête-à-tête with Chinese President Xi Jinping 

Pic Courtesy : @narendramodi

President of China Xi Jinping leaves for Chennai airport

The ‘Chennai Connect’ will add great momentum to India-China relations : PM Modi at the delegation level talks 

Wuhan Summit brought in increased stability and fresh momentum in India-China bilateral relations

Prime Minister was making his inaugural statement at beginning of the delegation level talks Chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, on the second day of the informal summit at Mamallapuram, today : 

  • The 2nd Informal Summit at Mamallapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has begun a “New Era of Cooperation” between India and China.
  • Referring to the first informal summit between the two countries at Wuhan last year, Prime Minister Modi said it has brought in an “increased stability and fresh momentum in our relations.” 
  • He said the “strategic communication has increased between the two countries”.
  • The Prime Minister further said, “We have decided that we would prudently manage our differences without letting them turn into disputes, that we would be sensitive to each other’s’ concerns and that our relations strive towards World Peace and stability.”
  • Referring to the 2nd Informal Summit at Mamallapuram, the Prime Minister said “In the Chennai Summit we have so far had great exchange on bilateral and global issues. The Wuhan Summit has given a new momentum to our bilateral relations. Today with our Chennai Connect a new era of cooperation has begun in the relations of our two countries.”
  • “I thank President Xi Jinping for coming to India for our second Informal Summit. The Chennai Connect will add great momentum to India-China relations. This will benefit the people of our nations and the world.”


Pic Courtesy : PIB

India and China will prudently manage their differences and not allow differences on any issue to become disputes – part of the discussion during the India-China 2nd Informal Summit


  • Both sides will prudently manage their differences and not allow differences on any issue to become disputes.
  • They also agreed on the importance of concluding negotiations for a mutually-beneficial and balanced Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
  • The two leaders agreed on establishment of sister-state relations between Tamil Nadu and Fujian Province, exploring the possibility of establishing an academy to study links between Mahabalipuram and Fujian province.
  • The two Leaders have decided to designate 2020 as Year of India-China Cultural and People to People Exchanges
  • The two Leaders have decided to establish a High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue mechanism

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the President of the People’s Republic of China Mr Xi Jinping held their Second Informal Summit in Chennai, India, on 11-12 October 2019.

The two Leaders had an in-depth exchange of views in a friendly atmosphere on overarching, long-term and strategic issues of global and regional importance.

They also shared their respective approaches towards national development.

They evaluated the direction of bilateral relations in a positive light and discussed how India-China bilateral interaction can be deepened to reflect the growing role of both countries on the global stage.

Both Leaders shared the view that the international situation is witnessing significant readjustment. They were of the view that India and China share the common objective of working for a peaceful, secure and prosperous world in which all countries can pursue their development within a rules-based international order.

They reiterated the consensus reached during the first Informal Summit in Wuhan, China in April 2018, that India and China are factors for stability in the current international landscape and that both side will prudently manage their differences and not allow differences on any issue to become disputes.

The Leaders recognized that India and China have a common interest in preserving and advancing a rules-based and inclusive international order, including through reforms that reflect the new realities of the 21st Century. Both agreed that it is important to support and strengthen the rules-based multilateral trading system at a time when globally agreed trade practices and norms are being selectively questioned. India and China will continue to work together for open and inclusive trade arrangements that will benefit all countries.

Both Leaders also underscored the important efforts being made in their respective countries to address global developmental challenges, including climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. They emphasized that their individual efforts in this regard would help the international community achieve the targets.

Both Leaders are concerned that terrorism continues to pose a common threat. As countries that are large and diverse, they recognized the importance of continuing to make joint efforts to ensure that the international community strengthens the framework against training, financing and supporting terrorist groups throughout the world and on a non-discriminatory basis.

As important contemporary civilizations with great traditions, both Leaders deemed it important to enhance dialogue in order to foster cultural understanding between the two peoples. Both Leaders also agreed that, as major civilizations in history, they can work together to enhance greater dialogue and understanding between cultures and civilizations in other parts of the world.

They shared the view that an open, inclusive, prosperous and stable environment in the region is important to ensure the prosperity and stability of the region. They also agreed on the importance of concluding negotiations for a mutually-beneficial and balanced Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

The two Leaders exchanged views on the age-old commercial linkages and people-to-people contacts between India and China in the past two millennia, including significant maritime contacts. In this regard the two leaders agreed on establishment of sister-state relations between Tamil Nadu and Fujian Province, exploring the possibility of establishing an academy to study links between Mahabalipuram and Fujian province on the lines of the experience between Ajanta and Dunhuang and conducting research on maritime links between China and India in view of our extensive contacts over the centuries.

The two Leaders shared their mutual vision on goals for development of their respective economies. They agreed that the simultaneous development of India and China presents mutually-beneficial opportunities. The two sides will continue to adopt a positive, pragmatic and open attitude and to enhance appreciation of each other’s policies and actions in line with the general direction of their friendship and cooperation. In this regard, they also agreed to continue to enhance strategic communication on all matters of mutual interest, and to continue the momentum of high-level exchanges by making full use of dialogue mechanisms.

The leaders were of the view that the positive direction of ties had opened up possibilities for taking bilateral relations to greater heights. They agreed that this endeavor also required strong public support in both countries. In this context the two Leaders have decided to designate 2020 as Year of India-China Cultural and People to People Exchanges and agreed that the 70th anniversary of the establishment of India-China relations in 2020 will be fully utilized to deepen exchanges at all levels including between their respective legislatures, political parties, cultural and youth organizations and militaries. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations the two countries will organize 70 activities including a conference on a ship voyage that will trace the historical connect between the two civilizations.

In pursuit of their efforts to further deepen economic cooperation and to enhance their closer development partnership, the two Leaders have decided to establish a High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue mechanism with the objective of achieving enhanced trade and commercial relations, as well as to better balance the trade between the two countries. They have also agreed to encourage mutual investments in identified sectors through the development of a Manufacturing Partnership and tasked their officials to develop this idea at the first meeting of the High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue.

The two Leaders have exchanged views on outstanding issues, including on the boundary question. They have welcomed the work of the Special Representatives and urged them to continue their efforts to arrive at a mutually-agreed framework for a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable settlement based on Political Parameters and Guiding Principles that were agreed by the two sides in 2005. They reiterated their understanding that efforts will continue to be made to ensure peace and tranquility in the border areas, and that both sides will continue to work on additional Confidence Building Measures in pursuit of this objective.

Prime Minister Modi and President Xi also appraised the practice of Informal Summits in a positive light as providing an important opportunity to deepen dialogue and to promote mutual understanding at the Leaders’ level in line with the ‘Wuhan Spirit’ and the ‘Chennai Connect”. They agreed to continue this practice in the future. President Xi invited Prime Minister Modi to visit China for the 3rd Informal Summit. Prime Minister Modi has accepted the invitation.

Source : MEA

PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold 2nd Informal Summit level talks in Mamallapuram

With a magnificent view of the Bay of Bengal, PM @narendramodi and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold 2nd Informal Summit level talks in Mamallapuram

Prime Minister Modi welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Fisherman’s Cove in Mamallapuram

PM @narendramodi received Chinese President Xi Jinping to resume their conversation. An eco-friendly ride to ‘Machan’ at Taj Fisherman’s Cove for another round of one-on-one meeting followed by delegation-level talks and lunch.

Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning : PM Modi

Refreshing walk and exercises in Mamallapuram …

A prayer for peace and harmony

The splendid Shore Temple and a special cultural programme

India says Swagatam to President Xi Jinping!


In the News today – 28 September 2019

Rousing reception for PM Modi in Delhi on his return from US

  • I want to thank you all for coming in large numbers. This has been a memorable welcome back home. On this occasion, I bow to each and every Indian said PM Modi interacting with citizens at Delhi Airport. 
  • After assuming office in 2014 I went to the UN. I went to the UN even now. In these five years, I have seen a big change. The respect for India, the enthusiasm towards India has increased significantly. This is due to the 130 crore Indians. 
  • Tomorrow onwards, the nation will mark the auspicious occasion of Navratri. The atmosphere will be festive due to Durga Puja too. I wish my fellow Indians on these special occasions, the PM said.

‘A busy but satisfying week at the UNGA’

@DrSJaishankar – External Affairs Minister of India :

A busy but satisfying week at the UNGA

  • Heard a great speech on New India from PM @narendramodi , as did the world
  • Met 42 Foreign Ministers in all
  • 36 bilateral meetings
  • 8 pull asides
  • 7 multilateral/plurilaterals
  • 3 speaking engagementsMain takeaways:
  • India embraces the world.
  • And the world returns that interest in full measure.
  • Multilateralism really matters.

NEET is repeatedly failing our students: MK Stalin

@mkstalin – DMK President :

  • Fake dual nativity ceriticates, faulty translations in question papers, impersonation of candidates – NEET is destroying the dreams of young Indians.
  • A high level inquiry into all malpractices must be immediately ordered by the Union Government.
  • From the injustice around Anitha’s death to the latest malpractices of impersonating candidates, NEET is repeatedly failing our students.
  • The ADMK Government must immediately press for a ban on NEET examination with the Centre.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commissions INS Khanderi attack submarine

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, @rajnathsingh

The name Khanderi is inspired by the dreaded ‘Sword Tooth Fish’ a deadly fish known to hunt whilst swimming close to the bottom of the ocean.

Khanderi is also name of an island fort built by great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was man of great valour, courage and determination. He was one of the first Indian ruler in medieval era to recognise importance of strong Navy.

Commissioning of INS Khanderi will bring same valour and sharpness back on sea. This is indeed a proud moment for the nation, the Indian Navy and Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders.

INS Khanderi has been built in India to the French Scorpene design and is the second submarine of the Project-75. This project has opened a new chapter in the strategic convergence between India and France.

Pakistan should understand that today with strong resolve of our government and advancement in naval capacity with additions like INS Khanderi, we are capable of giving much bigger blow to it.

Inside ‘INS Khanderi’

The commissioning of Khanderi marks yet another significant and historic step in showcasing the will and intent of the Government :
Rajnath Singh


Onions at a price of Rs 23.90

  • Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal flags off mobile vans for supplying onions at a price of ₹23.90 from Delhi Secretariat.
  • Onions will available in mobile vans and ration shops as well.
Pic Credit: @AamAadmiParty

‘A High Performance Training Centre’

@KirenRijiju – Union Minister of Sports :

  • I’m very impressed with the standards of INSPIRE INSTITUTE OF SPORT (IIS) at Vijayanagar, Karnataka.
  • It is a High Performance Training Centre that trains young athletes across five Olympic disciplines of Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Athletics and Swimming.
  • I salute JSW Group for it.
  • The world class management of this High Performance Training Centre is producing top athletes of India.
Pic Credit: @KirenRijiju

Kiren Rijiju at the Anju Bobby Sports Foundation where the Athletics
Academy will be established

@KirenRijiju – Union Minister of Sports :

  • Visited Anju Bobby Sports Foundation at Bangaluru where a centre of excellence Sports Academy especially for the Athletics will be established.
  • Anju Bobby remains the first and the only Indian to win medal in World Athletics Championship till date. 
Pic Credit: @KirenRijiju

‘Absolute stunner’

@TRBRajaa – Mannargudi MLA :
  • What a sight a full rainbow is !!!
  • Enroute from Vellore.
  • Absolute stunner
Pic Credit: @TRBRajaa

‘The biggest and most modern Steel plant of India’

@KirenRijiju – Union Minister of Sports :

  • While visiting the Inspire Institute of Sports I got the opportunity to see JSW Steel plant, the biggest and most modern Steel plant of India at Vijayanagar, Karnataka.
  • The dedicated team makes it possible.

Pic Credit: @KirenRijiju

Tamil Nadu Live – News Headlines – 26 September 2019

  • TN Govt. signs MoU with various foreign companies in the presence of Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami to bring in investments to the tune of over Rs. 5574 crores; likely to benefit over 28566 people with employment

  • Election Commission agrees to defer by-polls in 15 constituencies as disqualification of Karnataka MLAs remains undecided : @Bar&Bench

  • PM Modi hosted the India-CARICOM Leaders’ Meeting on the margins of UNGA. Leaders and representatives of 14 Caribbean countries attended

  • I urge the Government to listen to the wisdom of Dr Manmohan Singh  : P Chidambaram

In the News today – 25 September 2019

PM at the CEO Roundtable in New York

Raveesh Kumar  @MEAIndia :

  • How many of the 42 CEOs of the top global companies in the frame with PM Narendra Modi can you identify?
  • PM at the CEO Roundtable in New York highlighted the steps taken by India to build a $5 trillion economy.
  • Global business community is upbeat about the India success story.


Pic Credit: @MEAIndia

Together we can achieve exceptional things. If there is a gap anywhere, I will be personally there to bridge it: PM Modi

I went to the meeting (with PM Modi) optimistic but I come out even more optimistic about India, says IBM CEO @GinniRometty :

Really excited to be in the Prime Minister’s investment summit, says James Quincey, Chairman and CEO of @CocaColaCo :

The Prime Minister’s speech was strong and comprehensive: Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell


‘The world comes together to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi’

@narendramodi – Prime Minister :

  • The world comes together to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary!
  • I thank all those who came for the special programme at the UN on the relevance of Gandhian thoughts.
  • In the august presence of various world leaders, a stamp on Gandhi Ji was released.
Pic Credit: @narendramodi

‘It makes me most happy that India’s successes in sanitation have helped women and children the most’

@narendramodi – Prime Minister :

  • I dedicate the Global Goalkeeper Award, conferred by the Gates Foundation, to the 130 crore people of India and the collective endeavours of our nation to improve cleanliness.
  • It makes me most happy that India’s successes in sanitation have helped women and children the most.
Pic Credit: @narendramodi

PM Narendra Modi met Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Co-Chairs and Trustees of the Gates Foundation after the Goalkeepers Global Goals award 2019 at the Lincoln Centre in New York


Pic Credit : @MEAIndia

State-of-the-art Coast Guard Ship Varaha will operate from the port of New Mangalore on the West Coast covering the Exclusive Economic Zone  upto Kanyakumari

Home Minister Rajnath Singh commissioned the state-of-the-art Coast Guard Ship ‘Varaha’ in Chennai today. Speaking on the occasion the Home Minister said :

  • It is a great pleasure for me to be amongst you all this morning for the commissioning ceremony of the state-of-the-art Coast Guard Ship ‘Varaha’.
  • The @IndiaCoastGuard Ship “Varaha” is an offshore patrol vessel manufactured by L&T.
  • I am informed that it is fourth among the series of seven ships to be delivered by L&T with features like ultra-advanced navigation & communication sensors.
  • It will operate from the port of New Mangalore on the West Coast covering Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) upto Kanyakumari.
  • The State-of-the-Art ship is capable of operating our indigenously developed Advanced Light Helicopter by HAL. It will add to the Indian Coast Guard’s strength in responding to the threats of Maritime terrorism, smuggling and challenges of maritime law enforcement.
  • The ship is well equipped with high speed boats, medical facilities and modern surveillance systems, which would be an enabler towards our International and National obligations of providing Search and Rescue cover to Mariners in distress at sea.
  • The name ‘Varaha’ is taken from Puranas, who was the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu who took the form of Boar to protect mother earth by carrying her out of the sea on his tusks. It reminds us of the principle of sacrifice and rescue in the duty of saving Mother Earth.
Pic Credit: @DefenceMinIndia

‘CA students demand is justified’

@Rahul Gandhi – Congress leader :
  • Across India 12 Lakh CA students are fighting for their right to have their exam papers re-evaluated by ICAI.
  • Given the widespread reports of errors in the evaluation of answer sheets, this demand is justified & should be supported by all political parties.

TN CM Edappadi K Palaniswami met Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and held talks with him on “various river water sharing schemes between Tamil Nadu and Kerala”

TN CM Edappadi Palaniswami, met TN Assembly speaker P Dhanapal at his residence and greeted him ahead of his trip to Uganda to participate in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference


Opening/closing hours of offices to be staggered in Delhi

@ArvindKejriwal – Chief Minister of Delhi :

  • Met @LtGovDelhi Shri Anil Baijal ji and briefed him about the steps planned by Delhi govt to reduce air pollution, including Odd Even.
  • He assured us of his support and suggested that opening/closing hours of offices be staggered.
  • The Govt will definitely implement this.
@LtGovDelhi :
  • Met Hon’ble CM Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.
  • Discussed measures to reduce air pollution and congestion in Delhi.
  • Requested to explore amongst other measures, option of staggered opening/closing hours of offices & other establishments to reduce congestion and resultant air pollution.

Dhyan Chand National Stadium gets a new Synthetic Hockey Turf

@KirenRijiju – Union Sports Minister :
  • The new Synthetic Hockey Turf at Dhyan Chand National Stadium and the Hi-Tech Gym is all ready for our players.
  • Best facilities will be made available to our top players.
  • We are also focusing on scouting young talents across India.
Pic Credit: @KirenRijiju


In the News today – 24 September 2019

#ModiInUSA #Modi

Maybe he is the Father of India : US President Trump on PM Modi

He is a great friend of India, says PM Narendra Modi about US President Trump as their meeting gets underway in New York


‘Memories from Houston, where history was made!’

@PMOIndia Tweeted :

  • Memories from Houston, where history was made!
  • PM Modi presented a framed photograph from the Howdy Modi event to US President Trump.
  • President Trump thanked PM Modi for this gesture.


Pic Credit: @PMOIndia

India on the global platform 

Syed Akbaruddin @AkbaruddinIndia – India’s  Permanent Representative to the UN:

  • India on the global platform – UNGA
  • Glimpses of activities – Day 1 at UN

PM Modi wrote to former Union Minister P Chidambaram, on 16 Sep.,  wishing him for his Birthday

@PChidambaram_IN – Former Union Minister :

I have asked my family to tweet on my behalf the following:

  • Dear Mr. Prime Minister Modi,
  • Pleasantly surprised to receive your greetings on my birthday (sent to my village address and forwarded to me)
  • As you have wished, I want to continue to serve the people. Unfortunately, your investigating agencies have prevented me from doing so.
  • Once the present harassment ends, I shall be back among the people that both you and I are committed to serve.


Home Minister Amit Shah launches   ‘Private Security Agency Licensing Portal’ in New Delhi today

Home Minister Amit Shah launched   ‘Private Security Agency Licensing Portal’ in New Delhi today. Speaking on the occasion the Home Minister said:

  • This portal will soon be available in all official languages of India.
  • Whether it is Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu or any other language, you will be able to access this portal in all regional languages.
  • I will request you all to create a corpus fund and use it for the promotion of awareness campaigns.
  • This portal will also help you cross check police verification of each and every security guard.
  • India has the best Police to private security personnel ratio with approx 30 lakh Police & Paramilitary personnel compared to 90 lakh pvt. security persons. I believe that the sector has the potential of providing employment to at least 2-3 crore people.
  • It is impossible for trade and industries to grow without private security guards. I believe that a private security guard is the first line of responder. They are the ones who confront illegal activity first.
  • There are a number of dimensions that can be added to the portal. We can add training and other aspects to it. I assure you that the Home Ministry will do this in the next few months. This will give multidimensional speed to private security guards’ sector.
Pic Credit: @BJP4India

TN CM Edappadi Palaniswami called on Defence Minister @rajnathsingh at the Governor House in Chennai : @DefenceMinIndia

Pic Credit: @DefenceMinIndia

Group photograph of Defence Minister @rajnathsingh along with Officers & personnel of India Coast Guard at the investiture ceremony held in Indian Coast Guard Air Station Chennai, today


Pic Credit: @SpokespersonMoD

‘Laying out India’s vision..’

@VikasSwarup – India’s High Commissioner to Canada :

  • The future of flight.
  • Laying out India’s vision for international civil aviation before the world.
  • Minister Hardeep S Puri attends the historic 40th Assembly of @icao in Montreal.
Pic Credit: @VikasSwarup

‘India can maximise leverage in foreign affairs if…’

Dr Subramanian Swamy @Swamy39 : 

  • India can maximise leverage in foreign affairs if India China USA triangle is made since in the developing situation India needs both our ideological friend, the US and our neighbour and cultural kin China to be on board.
  • With US alone we will become a junior partner like Japan

‘Spectacular views of pristine forests..’

  • Kattery Park near Coonoor, Nilgiris.
  • Speciality of this park is it offers spectacular views of pristine forests – flora & fauna – which no other park in the Nilgiris can offer …

‘Keh-Meh-Ha’ – ‘eating new rice’

@PemaKhanduBJP – Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh :
  • These cute little kids are from Mishmi tribe.
  • They are today celebrating their annual harvesting festival ‘Keh-Meh-Ha’, which literally translated means ‘eating new rice’.
  • Prayers to Almighty for bumper harvest, peace, prosperity and happiness!


Pic Credit : @PemaKhanduBJP


In the News today – 20 September 2019

Corporate tax rates slashed to 22% for domestic companies and 15% for new domestic manufacturing companies

Tax reforms announced by FM @nsitharaman  :

  • In order to promote growth and investment, new provision has been inserted in IT Act, w.e.f FY 2020; it will allow any domestic company an option to pay income tax at 22% (earlier 30%), subject to condition that they will not avail any exemption or incentives
  • Firms incorporated on or after 1Oct19, making fresh investment in manufacturing, have an option to pay tax @ 15%
  • Minimum Alternate Tax reduced from existing 18.5% to 15% for companies, which continue to avail exemptions and incentives
  • Companies that don’t opt for concessional tax regime and continue to avail exemptions or incentives will continue to pay tax at pre-amended rates
  • These companies can opt for concessional tax regime after expiry of tax holiday or exemption -enhanced surcharge shall not apply to capital gains arising on sale of security including those in the hands of FPI
  • No tax on buy-back of shares announced before 5 Jul 2019
  • Total revenue foregone for the reduction in corporate tax rate and other relief: 1 lakh 45 thousand crores rupees per year.

Scope of CSR 2 percent spending expanded

  • The Government has also decided to expand the scope of CSR 2 percent spending.
  • Now CSR 2% fund can be spent on incubators funded by Central or State Government or any agency or Public Sector Undertaking of Central or State Government, and, making contributions to public funded Universities, IITs, National Laboratories and Autonomous Bodies (established under the auspices  of ICAR, ICMR, CSIR, DAE, DRDO, DST, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) engaged in conducting research in science, technology, engineering and medicine aimed at promoting SDGs.

Inputs : PIB

‘Our government is leaving no stone unturned to make India a better place to do business’

@narendramodi – Prime Minister :

  • The step to cut corporate tax is historic.
  • It will give a great stimulus to Make In India, attract private investment from across the globe, improve competitiveness of our private sector, create more jobs and result in a win-win for 130 crore Indians.
  • The announcements in the last few weeks clearly demonstrate that our government is leaving no stone unturned to make India a better place to do business, improve opportunities for all sections of society and increase prosperity to make India a $5 Trillion economy.

‘Amazing what PM is ready to do for a stock market bump’

@RahulGandhi – Congress leader :

  • Amazing what PM is ready to do for a stock market bump during his Howdy Indian Economy jamboree.
  • At + 1.4 Lakh Crore Rs. the Houston event is the world’s most expensive event, ever!
  • But, no event can hide the reality of the economic mess “HowdyModi” has driven India into.

PM Modi and President of Mongolia jointly unveil a statue of Lord Buddha and his two disciples

Pic Courtesy : @MEAIndia

India and Mongolia: An ancient spiritual connect strengthening with time.

  • PM@narendramodi & President of Mongolia @BattulgaKh remotely unveiled the Buddha statue at Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar gifted by India.
  • Shared Buddhist heritage is among the many strong strands of the multifaceted India-Mongolian ties

Ceremonial welcome of President of Mongolia at Rashtrapati Bhavan

My upcoming USA visit would include various high-level programmes that would further cement India’s ties with USA: PM Modi

My upcoming USA visit would include various high-level programmes that would further cement India’s ties with USA, important multilateral events and interactions with the Indian community as well as business leaders.

Here are the details.

For past many months, Govt has been indulging in vendetta politics against P Chidambaram: Jairam Ramesh – Congress leader

  • For past many months, Modi Govt has been indulging in vendetta politics against former Home Minister P Chidambaram. In INX media case, the investigating agencies have not revealed an important fact that is crucial to the case, I want to shed more light on that.
  • The Foreign Investment Promotion Board i.e. FIPB was set up in 1991. Whenever there is an FDI proposal, the FIPB analyses it. Their 6 secretaries look into it and submit their recommendations that go to the Finance Ministry.
  • INX Media file went to FM along with 24 other proposals. Then FM, Chidambaram on 28 May 2007, signed it and so did 11 others – 6 FIPB secretaries, Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary & Finance Secretary.
  • No officer raised any objections when signing the file. The investigative agencies spoke to some of the officers but never have they raised any questions against the other officers or said that they committed a crime.
  • If the Investigative agencies feel that the officers committed no crime by signing that file, then how does the 12th person, Mr P Chidambaram become a criminal?

MNM President Kamal Haasan’s emotional video message on Subasri

MNM President Kamal Haasan in an emotional video message on Subasri :

  • If you (people) are scared of them (the Govt.), just hold my hand.
  • Makkal Needhi Maiam will raise the voice on people’s behalf.
  • Come join us and let’s all raise valid questions.
  • Let’s create a new leadership

Kamal Haasan takes a metro ride…

Pic Courtesy : @Anees_Offl

Union Home Minister Amit Shah chairs the 29th Meeting of the Northern Zonal Council 

  • The 29th Northern Zonal Council meeting was chaired by Union Home Minister @AmitShah in Chandigarh today.
  • To discuss and deliberate on a broad range of issues involving the Centre and the states falling in the Northern Zone.

@AmitShah – Union Home Minister :

  • Chaired the 29th Northern Zonal Council Meeting at Chandigarh.
  • Had extensive discussions and many inter-state issues were amicably resolved.

@capt_amarinder – Chief Minister of Punjab :

  • In Northern Zonal Council meeting, called for greater regional cooperation between northern states by evolving a common ecosystem.
  • With GST, there is need for greater rationalization of tax rates in the region, especially on excise, petrol & diesel.
  • Hope we can find common ground soon
  • Shared my deep concern with the NZC about the growing water crisis in all States, especially regarding the depletion of ground water.
  • While Punjab has no surplus river water to share, we must cooperate to improve water-use efficiency to conserve our most precious resource.
  • Raised our long-standing demand to maintain the agreed 60:40 ratio between Punjab & Haryana in administrative positions in UT Administration, Chandigarh.
  • This should be respected both in senior positions of IAS or IPS officers, as well in other cadres and subordinate staff.

Pic Courtesy : @PIBHomeAffairs

‘Sharing a lighter moment…’

Capt. Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab : 

Sharing a lighter moment during the 29th Northern Zonal Council meeting held in Chandigarh.


Pic Courtesy : @capt_amarinder


In the News today – 12 September 2019

‘Today is a historic day for Jharkhand’

PM @narendramodi :

  • Today is a historic day for Jharkhand.
  • The new building of the Legislative Assembly has been inaugurated & foundation stone of the new building of Secretariat has also been laid
  • At the newly inaugurated Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha complex, interacted with MLAs of the state.
  • May this Vidhan Sabha complex serve as an important centre of realising people’s dreams.
  • I hope more youngsters from across Jharkhand come to visit this complex in the times to come.

Video of PM Modi inaugurating the new Jharkhand Vidhan Sabha premises:


Video: New building of the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand

Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh spoke today about the state of the economy

Congress President Sonia Gandhi addresses a meeting of General Secretaries, Incharges of States, PCC Presidents and CLP Leaders at AICC HQ

PM Modi’s birthday to be celebrated as ‘Sewa Saptah’: BJP National General Secretary Arun Singh

  • BJP has planned to mark Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday which falls on September 17th as ‘Seva Saptah’ (Service week), between September 14 and 20.
  • The Seva Saptah will be launched by Home Minister Amit Shah and Party President JP Nadda from AIIMS, New Delhi.
  • BJP Party General secretary Arun Singh said a campaign to discourage single-use plastic, promote water conversation are among the few things that are planned during the Seva Saptah.
  • Organising blood donation camps, health and eye check-ups and operations, and distributing fruits in hospitals, orphanages and old age homes will also be done.

Bollywood has taken Switzerland to every nook and corner of India: President Kovind

Congress leaders KC Venugopal and RPN Singh speak to the media after the meeting of party leaders in Congress HQ

‘Stadium named after Arun Jaitley ji is a befitting tribute to him’

@AmitShah – Home Minister :

  • Arun Jaitley ji played a pivotal role in promoting cricket and providing world class cricket facilities at DDCA, which gave World cricket some of the finest players.
  • Stadium named after Arun Jaitley ji is a befitting tribute to him.
  • I thank @RajatSharmaLive for this decision.
Pic Credit: @AmitShah

Collegium has no hesitation in disclosing reasons for transfer of judges, if necessary, says Supreme Court Secretary General in a statement


DRDO successfully test fires Man Portable Antitank Guided Missile

  • Defence Research and Development Organisation @DRDO_India  successfully flight tested indigenously developed low weight, fire and forget Man Portable Antitank Guided Missile (MPATGM) in the ranges of Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.
  • The missile was launched from a man portable Tripod launcher and the target was mimicking a functional tank. The missile hit the target in top attack mode and destroyed it with precision. All the mission objectives were met.
  • Defence Minister @rajnathsingh has congratulated @DRDO_India for the successful test of Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM).

MPATGM.jpgSource : DRDO

This whole exercise is only to harass. No case, no investigation : Karti P Chidambaram

INX Media Case: ED says it doesn’t want custody of P Chidambaram

Karti P Chidambaram  @KartiPC  Tweeted : 

  • Ingenious argument by ED.
  • In SC they clamoured for the custody of @PChidambaram_IN but in Rouse Avenue Court they say they don’t want his custody.
  • Whole purpose is to exercise it only when bail is given from Judicial Cusody, so as to maximise the inconvenience.
  • This whole exercise is only to harass. No case, no investigation.

RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat addressed a large gathering of Ganesha devotees who participated in the Shobhayatra organised by Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsav Samiti at Hyderabad

Pic Credit: @rajeshpadmar

India Coast Guard Ships, Hovercrafts and Aircraft provided Search & Rescue cover during Ganesh Visarjan at Maharashtra,Goa and Karnataka Coast

Pic Credit: @IndiaCoastGuard

The historic battle of Saragarhi; when 21 Sikh soldiers fought against 10,000 men


  • My tributes to the soldiers of the historic Battle of Saragarhi.
  • Today’s youth must take inspiration from the indomitable spirit of 36th Sikhs to fight social evils to create a better tomorrow.
  • Joining our Armed Forces would be one such step.

Saragarhi Day, is a Sikh military commemoration day celebrated on 12 September every year to commemorate The Battle of Saragarhi. The story was retold through the film Kesari, in which Akshay Kumar played Havildar Ishar Singh.


Pic Courtesy : @capt_amarinder

Beautiful aerial view of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration at Mussoorie


In the News today – 11 September 2019

I sat down with those who segregate plastic waste: PM Modi

@narendramodi – Prime Minister

  • As we begin ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ and pledge to reduce single use plastic, I sat down with those who segregate plastic waste.
  • I salute them for their hardwork and contribution towards fulfilling Bapu’s dream.
  • At the Pashu Arogya Mela in Mathura, saw cows being operated and heaps of plastic being removed from their bodies.
  • This is deplorable and should inspire us to work towards reduced and careful plastic usage.
  • Sights that made me very sad.

A day etched in the history of humankind: PM Modi

@narendramodi – Prime Minister

  • 11th of September…
  • A day etched in the history of humankind, when Swami Vivekananda delivered his outstanding address in Chicago.
  • His message, delivered years ago, is more relevant than ever before!

PM Modi is committed to make the prestigious Padma Awards as Peoples Padma: Amit Shah

@AmitShah – Home Minister :

  • PM Modi is committed to make the prestigious Padma Awards as Peoples Padma
  • We have received thousands of nominations so far for Padma Awards 2020.
  • I urge you all to nominate individuals with exceptional achievement & service on:
  • Last date: 15th Sep 2019


Chandrayaan2 – a story of inspiring the kids world over!

@rashtrapatibhvn :

  • Chandrayaan2 – a story of inspiring the kids world over!
  • Icelandic children were all ears to @PresidentISL Johannesson talking to them about India’s #Chandrayaan2 during the ceremonial reception of President Kovind

41 MOUs have been signed during the foreign trip: TN CM EPS

TN CM EPS also said:

  • 41 MOUs have been signed during the foreign trip.
  • Planning to introduce Helicopter Ambulance service in the state.
  • For big industries to come up minimum 5 years are required.
  • Tamil Nadu remains an ideal desitination for investment – the state economy is not facing issues.
  • Accidents can be controlled only if action is taken against traffic violaters.
  • In DMK’s tenure how many White papers were released. What are the Investments received then?
  • How many Check Dams were constructed by the DMK. DMK is not qualified to criticize the ADMK Govt.

Paid tributes at the memorial of Emmanuel Sekaran

@mkstalin – DMK President

  • Paid tributes at the memorial of Emmanuel Sekaran.
  • He fought for the freedom of the oppressed and the eradication of untouchability.
  • Let us cherish the memory of Emmanuel Sekaran who valued the country and social liberation as two eyes

Paid tributes to Emmanuel Sekaranar – who gave an identity to Devendra Kulam – on his 62nd death anniversary at Paramakudi: Dr K Krishnasamy

AMMK win elections following the foot-steps of MGR and Jayalalithaa

  • DMK President has asked for a White paper to be presented on foreign investments.
  • A Minister has responden to this saying – see things with a pure heart. I would say release a White Paper on investments with an pure heart. People too will be expecting it.
  • CM says I am going abroad, I should dress like them to attract investments. It is ok that our CM is dressed in Western attire, he need not give an excuse for that.
  • People from abroad who visit us do not floow our dress code when they are here.
  • A Minister in the Govt says that Dhinakaran will be joining DMK. It is some of the Ministers who may be joining the DMK after the elections post elections to safe guard themselves.
  • AMMK will certainly bring back Jayalalithaa’s rule in the state


Kuttapatti R. Narayanan is no more

  • He was ,one of the senior leaders of the Congress party
  • A former MLA
  • A close associate of Kamaraj
  • Head of the Salem District Kamaraj Foundation. who passed away.
  • He was 97

People are on the streets across the state in substantial number voluntarily to show their solidarity with DK Shivakumar: Karnataka Congress 

Pic Credit: @INCKarnataka

I have directed the Health Dept to end VIP culture in govt hospitals: Arvind Kejriwal

@ArvindKejriwal – Chief Minister of Delhi : 
  • I have directed the Health Dept to end VIP culture in govt hospitals.
  • No more private rooms for VIPs.
  • All citizens will get equal treatment, but it will be of the best quality.
  • Delhi govt is adding a capacity of 13,899 beds to Delhi’s public health infrastructure.
  • This is an unprecedented expansion of more than 120% over existing capacity of 11,353 beds.
  • All hospitals are being made fully AC, with world class, state-of-the-art facilities.

“A retreat into the lap of nature”!

@KirenRijiju – MoS Youth Affairs and Sports

  • One of your destinations must be Arunachal Pradesh.
  • After opening National Women Football match, we stayed at Abor Country River Camp on the bank of Siang River near Pasighat in the middle of tropical forest.
  • Staying here in true sense is “a retreat into the lap of nature”!