AIADMK celebrates its 48th formation day

The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s 48th foundation day was celebrated by leaders of the AIADMK party at the party headquarters today.

Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami and Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, garlanded the statues of AIADMK founder M.G. Ramachandran and former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

Pic Courtesy : @CMOTamilNadu



Tamil Nadu Live – News Headlines – 14 October 2019

  • The 2019 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel has been awarded to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer ‘for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty’

  • Indian Cricketer Sourav Ganguly unanimously elected BCCI President

  • Supreme Court refuses to entertain PIL seeking linking of Aadhaar with social media profiles : Bar & Bench

In the News today – 14 October 2019

We will be trekking at an altitude of above 8000 feet : Kien Rijiju

@KirenRijiju :
  • Getting ready for the 2nd day Gandhi Sankalp Yatra.
    We will be trekking at an altitude of above 8000 feet covering various villages today.
    Yesterday we covered 9 villages.
sankalpayatra.jpePic Courtesy : @KirenRijiju




In the News today – 13 October 2019


One part of my statement has been completely twisted out of context, says Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad withdrawing his comment on box office performance of films


Rousing reception for Prime Minister Modi at Sakoli, Maharashtra: Amit Malviya


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Maharashtra campaign trail

@RahulGandhi – Congress leader:

  • If you ask anyone about the problem of the public, the answer is – bad condition of farmers and unemployment.
  • The farmers are not getting the right price for their produce and the youth are not getting employment



President Kovind meets PM Modi’s mother

@rashtrapatibhvn :

  • President Kovind met Hira Baa, mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • The President conveyed his best wishes for her good health.



Pic Credit: @rashtrapatibhvn

PM Narendra Modi’s followers on Instagram cross 30 million

@amitmalviya – In-charge of BJP’s national Information & Technology :
  • PM Narendra Modi crosses 30 million followers on Instagram, popular among youth.
  • He is the most followed world leader on Instagram ahead of US President Trump as well as former US President Obama and the only world leader to reach the 30 million milestone.





Praggnanandhaa receives his first GOLD in U18 category!!!





#Arunachal #AmazingArunachal #VisitArunachal

‘The best time for bikers..’

@PemaKhanduBJP – Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh :

  • Motorcycle Road Trip today from Yingkiong to Pasighat.
  • The 122km route offers best road conditions and picturesque views.
  • Now is the best time for bikers in Arunachal. 
Pic Credit: @PemaKhanduBJP


In the News today – 12 October 2019

#ModiXiSummit #Modi

Highlights from a historic Informal Summit in Tamil Nadu


Chinese President Xi Jinping departs for Nepal

‘A special Thank You to my sisters and brothers of Tamil Nadu’

@narendramodi : 

  • A special Thank You to my sisters and brothers of Tamil Nadu. As always, their warmth and hospitality was outstanding. It’s always a delight to be among the people of this dynamic state. I also thank the Government of TN for their efforts in organising the Summit in Mamallapuram.
  • I would also like to express my gratitude to all political parties and socio-cultural organisations of Tamil Nadu for the support and hospitality during the India-China Informal Summit in beautiful Mamallapuram.

PM Modi exchanging gifts with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Pic Courtesy : PIB

PM Modi having a tête-à-tête with Chinese President Xi Jinping 

Pic Courtesy : @narendramodi

President of China Xi Jinping leaves for Chennai airport

The ‘Chennai Connect’ will add great momentum to India-China relations : PM Modi at the delegation level talks 

Wuhan Summit brought in increased stability and fresh momentum in India-China bilateral relations

Prime Minister was making his inaugural statement at beginning of the delegation level talks Chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, on the second day of the informal summit at Mamallapuram, today : 

  • The 2nd Informal Summit at Mamallapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu has begun a “New Era of Cooperation” between India and China.
  • Referring to the first informal summit between the two countries at Wuhan last year, Prime Minister Modi said it has brought in an “increased stability and fresh momentum in our relations.” 
  • He said the “strategic communication has increased between the two countries”.
  • The Prime Minister further said, “We have decided that we would prudently manage our differences without letting them turn into disputes, that we would be sensitive to each other’s’ concerns and that our relations strive towards World Peace and stability.”
  • Referring to the 2nd Informal Summit at Mamallapuram, the Prime Minister said “In the Chennai Summit we have so far had great exchange on bilateral and global issues. The Wuhan Summit has given a new momentum to our bilateral relations. Today with our Chennai Connect a new era of cooperation has begun in the relations of our two countries.”
  • “I thank President Xi Jinping for coming to India for our second Informal Summit. The Chennai Connect will add great momentum to India-China relations. This will benefit the people of our nations and the world.”


Pic Courtesy : PIB

India and China will prudently manage their differences and not allow differences on any issue to become disputes – part of the discussion during the India-China 2nd Informal Summit


  • Both sides will prudently manage their differences and not allow differences on any issue to become disputes.
  • They also agreed on the importance of concluding negotiations for a mutually-beneficial and balanced Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
  • The two leaders agreed on establishment of sister-state relations between Tamil Nadu and Fujian Province, exploring the possibility of establishing an academy to study links between Mahabalipuram and Fujian province.
  • The two Leaders have decided to designate 2020 as Year of India-China Cultural and People to People Exchanges
  • The two Leaders have decided to establish a High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue mechanism

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the President of the People’s Republic of China Mr Xi Jinping held their Second Informal Summit in Chennai, India, on 11-12 October 2019.

The two Leaders had an in-depth exchange of views in a friendly atmosphere on overarching, long-term and strategic issues of global and regional importance.

They also shared their respective approaches towards national development.

They evaluated the direction of bilateral relations in a positive light and discussed how India-China bilateral interaction can be deepened to reflect the growing role of both countries on the global stage.

Both Leaders shared the view that the international situation is witnessing significant readjustment. They were of the view that India and China share the common objective of working for a peaceful, secure and prosperous world in which all countries can pursue their development within a rules-based international order.

They reiterated the consensus reached during the first Informal Summit in Wuhan, China in April 2018, that India and China are factors for stability in the current international landscape and that both side will prudently manage their differences and not allow differences on any issue to become disputes.

The Leaders recognized that India and China have a common interest in preserving and advancing a rules-based and inclusive international order, including through reforms that reflect the new realities of the 21st Century. Both agreed that it is important to support and strengthen the rules-based multilateral trading system at a time when globally agreed trade practices and norms are being selectively questioned. India and China will continue to work together for open and inclusive trade arrangements that will benefit all countries.

Both Leaders also underscored the important efforts being made in their respective countries to address global developmental challenges, including climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. They emphasized that their individual efforts in this regard would help the international community achieve the targets.

Both Leaders are concerned that terrorism continues to pose a common threat. As countries that are large and diverse, they recognized the importance of continuing to make joint efforts to ensure that the international community strengthens the framework against training, financing and supporting terrorist groups throughout the world and on a non-discriminatory basis.

As important contemporary civilizations with great traditions, both Leaders deemed it important to enhance dialogue in order to foster cultural understanding between the two peoples. Both Leaders also agreed that, as major civilizations in history, they can work together to enhance greater dialogue and understanding between cultures and civilizations in other parts of the world.

They shared the view that an open, inclusive, prosperous and stable environment in the region is important to ensure the prosperity and stability of the region. They also agreed on the importance of concluding negotiations for a mutually-beneficial and balanced Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

The two Leaders exchanged views on the age-old commercial linkages and people-to-people contacts between India and China in the past two millennia, including significant maritime contacts. In this regard the two leaders agreed on establishment of sister-state relations between Tamil Nadu and Fujian Province, exploring the possibility of establishing an academy to study links between Mahabalipuram and Fujian province on the lines of the experience between Ajanta and Dunhuang and conducting research on maritime links between China and India in view of our extensive contacts over the centuries.

The two Leaders shared their mutual vision on goals for development of their respective economies. They agreed that the simultaneous development of India and China presents mutually-beneficial opportunities. The two sides will continue to adopt a positive, pragmatic and open attitude and to enhance appreciation of each other’s policies and actions in line with the general direction of their friendship and cooperation. In this regard, they also agreed to continue to enhance strategic communication on all matters of mutual interest, and to continue the momentum of high-level exchanges by making full use of dialogue mechanisms.

The leaders were of the view that the positive direction of ties had opened up possibilities for taking bilateral relations to greater heights. They agreed that this endeavor also required strong public support in both countries. In this context the two Leaders have decided to designate 2020 as Year of India-China Cultural and People to People Exchanges and agreed that the 70th anniversary of the establishment of India-China relations in 2020 will be fully utilized to deepen exchanges at all levels including between their respective legislatures, political parties, cultural and youth organizations and militaries. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations the two countries will organize 70 activities including a conference on a ship voyage that will trace the historical connect between the two civilizations.

In pursuit of their efforts to further deepen economic cooperation and to enhance their closer development partnership, the two Leaders have decided to establish a High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue mechanism with the objective of achieving enhanced trade and commercial relations, as well as to better balance the trade between the two countries. They have also agreed to encourage mutual investments in identified sectors through the development of a Manufacturing Partnership and tasked their officials to develop this idea at the first meeting of the High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue.

The two Leaders have exchanged views on outstanding issues, including on the boundary question. They have welcomed the work of the Special Representatives and urged them to continue their efforts to arrive at a mutually-agreed framework for a fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable settlement based on Political Parameters and Guiding Principles that were agreed by the two sides in 2005. They reiterated their understanding that efforts will continue to be made to ensure peace and tranquility in the border areas, and that both sides will continue to work on additional Confidence Building Measures in pursuit of this objective.

Prime Minister Modi and President Xi also appraised the practice of Informal Summits in a positive light as providing an important opportunity to deepen dialogue and to promote mutual understanding at the Leaders’ level in line with the ‘Wuhan Spirit’ and the ‘Chennai Connect”. They agreed to continue this practice in the future. President Xi invited Prime Minister Modi to visit China for the 3rd Informal Summit. Prime Minister Modi has accepted the invitation.

Source : MEA

PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold 2nd Informal Summit level talks in Mamallapuram

With a magnificent view of the Bay of Bengal, PM @narendramodi and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold 2nd Informal Summit level talks in Mamallapuram

Prime Minister Modi welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Fisherman’s Cove in Mamallapuram

PM @narendramodi received Chinese President Xi Jinping to resume their conversation. An eco-friendly ride to ‘Machan’ at Taj Fisherman’s Cove for another round of one-on-one meeting followed by delegation-level talks and lunch.

Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning : PM Modi

Refreshing walk and exercises in Mamallapuram …

A prayer for peace and harmony

The splendid Shore Temple and a special cultural programme

India says Swagatam to President Xi Jinping!


In the News today – 11 October 2019


#ModiXiSummit #Mamallapuram

Concluding a highly productive day with a pleasant conversation over a long dinner

PM @narendramodi & Chinese President Xi continued their exchange of views on deepening of the India-China partnership over a breathtaking Kalakshetra cultural performance followed by dinner.


Pic Courtesy : MEAIndia



Glimpses from PM Modi and Chinese President Jinping Meet in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu

Pic Courtesy : @MEAIndia




PM Modi and Chinese President Jinping visit world heritage sites in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu





PM Modi and Chinese President Jinping attend cultural programme at Shore Temple in Mamallapuram





President Kovind lays the foundation stone for the campus of JSS Academy of Higher Education, Mysuru

  • President Kovind laid the foundation stone for the campus of JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research at Varuna Village, Mysuru.
  • Sri Suttur Matt has a thousand year-old history. It is a source of a consistent and ongoing movement to uphold the cause of social and economic justice, based on spiritual values and ideals.
  • Happy that the Global Campus of JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research is a tribute to Sri Shivarathri Rajendra Mahaswamiji whose 104th Jayanti is being celebrated this year.
Pic Courtesy : @rashtrapatibhvn




Vice President Venkaiah Naidu conferred ‘The Order of the Green Crescent’

It is an honour to have been conferred ‘The Order of the Green Crescent’, the highest Civilian Honour of Comoros, by the President of the Union of Comoros, Mr. Azali Assoumani, in Moroni today : Vice President, M Venkaiah Naidu

Pic Courtesy : @VPSecretariat


VP Venkaiah Naidu had the unique honour of addressing a Special Session of the Comorian Parliament

  • A special session of the National Assembly of the Union of Comoros was convened for the address of the Vice President, M. Venkaiah Naidu.
  • VP received multiple standing ovations from legislators during his speech.
  • Emphasised that as Comoros marches ahead India will march by its side.

As the first Indian Vice President to have this rare privilege, you have not only honoured me but also honoured my country, the world’s largest democracy :
Vice President, M Venkaiah Naidu

Pic Courtesy : MEA





Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal signs Clean Air Cities Declaration with leaders of 35 mega cities at the C40Summit

Big day for Delhi today! CM @arvindkejriwal signs Clean Air Cities Declaration with leaders of 35 mega cities at the C40Summit. In his lead, Delhi strengthens its resolve to counter air-pollution together. Listen to CM’s address at the C40Summit :
Dy CM Manish Sisodia @msisodia




We are working as a team to create India as a sporting superpower : Kiren Rijiju

@KirenRijiju :
  • The meeting with the Indian Olympic Association and all the Sports Federations of India was extremely purposeful and enriching.
  • We have chalked out a detail road map for @Tokyo2020 Olympics.
  • We are working as a team to create India as a sporting superpower.


In the News today – 10 October 2019

#PMK  #TamilNadu.

PMK Founder Dr. S Ramadoss and former Union Minister Dr Anbumani Ramadoss met PM @narendramodi

Pic Credit: @PMOIndia

#DMK  #TamilNadu.

DMK President’s election campaign in Nanguneri

@mkstalin – DMK President :

  • During today’s Nanguneri election campaign highlighted the stagnation in the industrial sector in the state due to the AIADMK Govt’s inaction.
  • Highlighted the achievements of the DMK Govt and sought votes for Congress candidate Ruby Manoharan
Pic Credit : @mkstalin

‘A historic visit spanning the breadth of Africa’

@MEAIndia :
  • A historic visit spanning the breadth of Africa.
  • VP M Venkaiah Naidu emplanes for the first ever high-level visit to Comoros & Sierra Leone, highlighting the priority attached to deepening the sustained India-Africa engagement.
MEA20.jpePic Credit: @MEAIndia


‘Delighted to visit the School of Artillery..’

#PresidentKovind :

  • Delighted to visit the School of Artillery, Deolali and interact with our brave gunners.
  • They have contributed immensely to keep our country safe and secure.
  • I convey my best wishes to all ranks. 
Pic Credit: @rashtrapatibhvn





World Design Assembly in Hyderabad

@KTRTRS – Telangana Minister :
  • Excited to kick-off #HyderabadDesignWeek today and to host the World Design Assembly in Hyderabad for the first time ever!
  • Register to witness the city transforming itself into a celebration of design.
  • As a part of #HyderabadDesignWeek@streetartindia  artist @daku156  has constructed an installation in the shape of a question mark with 3 lakh upcycled plastic bottles questioning the use of single use plastic in the current ecological climate..
Pic Credit: @KTRTRS




‘India will be showcased to the world through INDIA HOUSE’

@KirenRijiju – Minister of State, Youth Affairs & Sports :
  • Will celebrate the spirit of Olympics and India will be showcased to the world with pride at @Tokyo2020 through INDIA HOUSE.
  • India will have first ever Olympic Hospitality House at the Olympics through the efforts of Indian Olympic Association and @jswsports
Pic Credit: @KirenRijiju


“With Team India at the Commonwealth Trade Ministers meeting at Marlborough House, the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations & the seat of Commonwealth Secretariat in London”:
@HardeepSPuri – Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs


Pic Credit: @HardeepSPuri


Navaratri vigraham return procession

@ShashiTharoor – MP for Thiruvananthapuram:
  • Lit the lamp & greeted the marchers as the Navaratri vigrahams make their annual return journey to the temples in Tamil Nadu where they traditionally reside.
  • All were once part of Travancore but States Reorganisation in 1956 deprived Thiruvananthapuram of much of its hinterland.
  • Made the ritual offerings & joined the Navaratri vigraham return procession for a part of their march.
  • Wonderful to partake of such marvellous & time- honoured traditions that have meant so much to so many for so long.
Pic Credit: @ShashiTharoor



Sh. OP Ravindranath Ji, Member of Parliament called on at Rajbhavan, Hyderabad: Dr Tamilisai

Pic Credit: @DrTamilisaiGuv

‘It is always a pleasure to meet soldiers from the regiment that my grandfather, father & I served..’



In the News today – 9 October 2019


Modi Xi Summit in Chennai formally announced

Sun Weidong @China_Amb_India – Chinese Ambassador to India :

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit India from October 11th to 12th for the 2nd Informal Summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Chennai.
  • Hope their Strategic guidance and friendship will usher China-India ties into a new chapter.




#DMK #MKStalin #Congress #Nanguneri

DMK President MK Stalin interacting with people of Sivanthipatti in Nanguneri constituency while canvassing for DMK-Congress alliance candidate



#TTVDhinakaran  #TamilNadu

AMMK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran’s interaction with media

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded for the development of lithium-ion batteries

  • The 2019 #NobelPrize in Chemistry has been awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino “for the development of lithium-ion batteries.”
  • Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised our lives and are used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles. Through their work, this year’s Chemistry Laureates have laid the foundation of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society.
  • In the early 1970s, Stanley Whittingham, awarded this year’s Chemistry Prize, used lithium’s enormous drive to release its outer electron when he developed the first functional lithium battery.
  • 2019 Chemistry Laureate John Goodenough doubled the lithium battery’s potential, creating the right conditions for a vastly more powerful and useful battery.
  • This year’s Nobel Prize laureate Akira Yoshino succeeded in eliminating pure lithium from the battery, instead basing it wholly on lithium ions, which are safer than pure lithium. This made the battery workable in practice.


Content/ Pic Credit: @NobelPrize

Popular information:


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visiting  @SAFRAN – the engine making facility for Rafale fighter jet in Paris today:

Pic Credit: @SpokespersonMoD


Cabinet Briefing by Union Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar

BJP National Working President JP Nadda received a grand welcome at different places on his arrival in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh:

Pic Credit: @BJP4India

A felicitation worthy of a World Champion

@ShashiTharoor – MP for Thiruvananthapuram :
  • Delighted to join Kerala CM⁩ & others in welcoming ⁦@Pvsindhu1⁩ to Thiruvananthapuram &honouring her for her achievements.
  • The Kerala Olympic Assn. organised a grand parade & felicitation worthy of a World Champion.
  • India is rightly proud of her (esp sports-mad Kerala!)
  • And what a lovely trophy the Kerala Olympics Association designed for Kerala CM to present to PV Sindhu !
Pic Credit: @ShashiTharoor




#PMK #TNPolitics #TamilNadu

Wishing former Union Minister Dr R Anbumani MP on his birthday today: GK Mani – PMK President 


Pic Credit: @PmkGkm




#NHAI #Toll

‘Employ local persons in Toll booths’

@PWilsonDMK – Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha :

  • I appeal to Hon’ble Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari ji to ensure that all NHAI Toll booths employ local persons speaking local languages to help public.
  • It is difficult to speak to toll operators in TN who don’t know Tamil or English.
  • NHAI can give locals employment!



In the News today – 8 October 2019


Defence Minister Rajnath Singh receives the first of the 36 Rafale aircraft

Indian Air Force – @IAF_MCC :
  • Defence Ministe Rajnath Singh, officially received the first of the 36 Rafale aircraft for IAF today.
  • He is accompanied by Air Marshal HS Arora, Vice Chief of the Air Staff, for the formal acceptance ceremony of the aircraft at Bordeaux, France.
Pic Credit: @IAF_MCC




#VijayaDashami  #RSS  #RSSVijayaDashami

We need Education which teaches, imbues respect on our ‘Swa’, such as Swadesh, Swabhaasha, Swabhoosha: RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Excerpts from the speech of RSS Chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat at RSS Vijaya Dashami Celebrations at Reshimbagh, Nagpur:

  • “The year has been memorable for many reasons, such as people’s mandate in 2019 Loksabha Elections, Abolition of Article 370, historic Chandrayaan-2, Security of Borders, Control on Terrorist activities etc.”
  • ‘A developed Bharat creates fear in the minds of vested interests. Few Anti-India forces involved in divisive machinations. There is a Conspiracy to bring in name of RSS to few such incidents. Swayamsevaks will unite Society, to bring Sadbhavana’.
  • “Branding some incidents of social violence as ‘Lynching’ are actually meant to defame our country, Hindu society and create fear among some communities. Lynching is alien to Bharat and actually has its references elsewhere.”
  • ‘Different sections of the society should strive to increase goodwill, dialogues, cooperation among themselves. It is important to work for the goodwill, harmony, cooperation among all sections of society. Swayamsevaks have been taking efforts to enhance this.’
  • “We need Education which teaches, imbues respect on our ‘Swa’, such as Swadesh, Swabhaasha, Swabhoosha and other aspects of our nation. From Contents in the Teaching to Training the Teachers, we need a transformation in the system.”
  • “Media have a major and significant role in awakening the society and creating a conducive social atmosphere.”
  • “Hindustan is Hindurashtra. Hindus are those who believing in the underlying unity. Experiencing diversity as the manifestation of that unity. Those who consider not only human beings all living beings, animate and inanimate as their own are Hindus.”
  • “Those who belong to Bharat, those who are descendants of Bharatiya ancestors, those who are working for the ultimate glory of nation & joining hands in enhancing peace, respecting and welcoming all diversities; all those Bharatiyas are Hindus.”
  • “This is the appeal to you all, taking into account the requirements of current period, we all should cooperate and participate in this noble and sacred mission.” Dr Mohan Bhagwat

Content Source/ Pic Credit: @rajeshpadmar


‘India will receive the first 18 Rafale jets by February 2021’

@rajnathsingh – Defence Minister of India :

  • Taking a sortie in Rafale was a memorable and once in a lifetime experience.
  • The induction of Rafale will go a long way in strengthening our national defence.
  • India will receive the first 18 Rafale jets by February 2021. By April-May 2022 we will receive all 36 jets.
Pic Credit: @rajnathsingh




Defence Minister Rajnath Singh meets French President Emmanuel Macron

@rajnathsingh – Defence Minister of India :
  • Had an excellent meeting with the President of France Mr @EmmanuelMacron at Elysee Palace in Paris today.
  • We had a comprehensive discussion covering a wide range of issues.

In Pic 3 – Landed at Mérignac in Bordeaux to attend the Induction Ceremony of Rafale.

Pic Credit: @rajnathsingh




Otha Seruppu Size7 selected for Indian Panorama 


  • We are proud to announce that #OthaSeruppuSize7 by @rparthiepan has bagged the Indian Panorama selections at #IFFI2019.
  • @rparthiepan not only directed this movie but also acted & produced this film, which makes it the first India solo act in mainstream cinema since 1964.


#EdappadiPalanisamy #Tamilisaisoundararajan

TN CM EPS calls on Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan


#BJP  #TamilNadu,

Popular Actor Radha Ravi called on senior BJP leader Pon Radhakrishnan and exchanged Vijayadashami Greetings

Pic Credit: @PonnaarrBJP

Dr Subramanian Swamy:

“China’s Guangdong University has invited me to address its seminar on Border Roads Initiative and the Silk Route Concept. I will go in November.”




#Indianairforceday    #AirForceDay2019 

Indian Air Force celebrates 87th Anniversary

Today, on Air Force Day, a proud nation expresses gratitude to our air warriors and their families. The Indian Air Force continues to serve India with utmost dedication and excellence : PM Modi

‘Had goosebumps seeing him lead the parade today’


The static display has a HAL Tejas in pride of place



#VijayaDashami  #RSS  #RSSVijayaDashami

RSS Sarasanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat, HCL Chairman Shiv Nadar offered floral tributes to “Smruti Mandir”, Samadhi of RSS founder Dr Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and “Smruti Chihn” Samadhi of Guruji Golwalkar at Reshimbagh, Nagpur.

Pic Courtesy : @rajeshpadmar



It’s that day again!

@ShashiTharoor – MP for Thiuvananthapuram

  • It’s that day again!
  • Various parents have brought their little ones to my home in Thiruvananthapuram this morning. #Vidyarambham
Pic Credit: @ShashiTharoor

Nadasamarpanam by 100 Nadaswaram Vidwans

Vijayadashami – Nadasamarpanam by 100 Nadaswaram Vidwans at Brindavanam hall in Shrimatam, Kanchipuram this morning


Pic Courtesy : @KanchiMatham

‘Meet CM Kejriwal’s youngest advisor!’

@raghav_chadha, National Spokesperson – Aam Aadmi Party;

  • Meet CM Kejriwal’s youngest advisor!
  • I bet they discussed a potential tax exemption on sale of chocolates.
  • A cute moment captured during Durga Puja program in Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi.


Pic Credit: @raghav_chadha


In the News today – 6 October 2019

#Modi #StatueOfUnity  #HDDeveGowda

Happy to see our former PM Shri HD Devegowda Ji visit the ‘Statue of Unity.’ : PM Modi

Janata Dal (Secular) leader and former Prime Minister HD Devegowda visited Statue of Unity at Sardar Sarovar Dam Gujarat yesterday

Pic Courtesy : @H_D_Devegowda





Dr Manmohan Singh complements PM Sheikh Hasina for the impressive economic growth made by Bangladesh

Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh, Rajya Sabha MP Anand Sharma & INC Delegation met Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

Anand Sharma, MP, Deputy Leader Congess Parliamentary Party and Chairman Foreign Affairs Department, AICC issued the following statement after the meeting:


Pic Credit : @INCIndia




#Congress #PriyankaGandhi

‘An overdue hug from Sheikh Hasina Ji’

@priyankagandhi  – General Secretary, Indian National Congress :

  • An overdue hug from Sheikh Hasina Ji whom I have been waiting to meet again for a long time.
  • Her strength in overcoming deep personal loss and hardship and fighting for what she believed in with bravery and perseverance is, and always will be a great inspiration for me.


Pic Credit: @priyankagandhi

#KamalHaasan #UNSTAIN #MakkalNeedhiMaiam

Kamal Haasan’s speech at the launch of  UNSTAIN

  • Unstain – A Makkal Needhi Maiam initiative to remove the stains and stigmas of the society, associated with periods.
  • The program aims to provide 500 kits to 500 students which contain the period essentials to last them an entire year which includes 96 cotton pads, 6 cotton underwear.
  • Makkal Needhi Maiam party President Mr. Kamal Haasan launched this initiative by distributing the kits to underprivileged girls on 3 October 2019.

At the 39th World Congress of Poets at Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Delighted to have presented Honorary Degrees and Awards for Excellence to poetswriters and other eminent personalities at the Valedictory Ceremony of the 39th WorldCongressofPoets at Bhubaneswar in Odisha today :

Poetry can serve as a powerful catalyst that could hasten the process of social transformation I urge schools to make poetry reading and appreciation a compulsory part of the curriculum. I also ask universities to encourage literaturearts and humanities education : @MVenkaiahNaidu

Pic Courtesy : @VPSecretariat

‘Delighted to host Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister’

@HardeepSPuri –  Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs :
  • Lakshmi & I were delighted to host our old friend & Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister, Dr. AK Abdul Momen for lunch.
  • A renowned economist & respected Diplomat, Dr. Momen was PR of Bangladesh in UN when I represented India.
Pic Credit: @HardeepSPuri




#Congress #Kerala

‘The Congress is on the march! ⁦’

@ShashiTharoor – MP for Thiruvananthapuram :
  • The Congress is on the march! ⁦
  • Kerala Congess President ⁦Mullappally Ramachandran⁩, ⁦VS Sivakumar MLA⁩ & other leaders with me as we head to the Election Committee campaign headquarters of ⁦@INCIndia⁩ in Vattiyoorkavu
Pic Credit : @ShashiTharoor





‘The technology being applied is mind boggling!’

  • Visited the Star Sports Centre and had an amazing experience.
  • I’m truly impressed. Amazing efforts by Star Sports India in promoting sports in India and Indian sports globally.
  • The technology being applied is mind boggling!



#NBAIndiaGames  #Basketball

‘A historic day for sports in India’

  • A historic day for sports in India as Mumbai hosted the first ever @NBA in India.
  • Happy to be present with the head of NBA Mr Adam Silver. The match between @Pacers@SacramentoKings  gave a perfect NBA India Games




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‘Red Bus – very comfortable’


In the News today – 5 October 2019

PM Modi and Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina inaugurate 3 more bilateral projects between India & Bangladesh

PM Modi & Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina jointly inaugurated 3 projects which will directly improve the lives of both our people :

  • The project for bulk import of LPG from Bangladesh to north-eastern India
  • Common Facility Centre for SMEs which would generate employment + income for hundreds of people in Bangladesh.
  • Vivekanada Bhavan at Rama Krishna Mission, Dhaka which would provide facilities for more than 100 university students & scholars.

India Bangladesh.jpe

PM Modi met Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina at the Hyderabad House. The leaders have met for the second time in 10 days exemplifying the strength of India-Bangladesh ties.

Pic Courtesy : @MEAIndia

PM Modi Tweeted :

  • Had an excellent meeting with PM Sheikh Hasina. We reviewed the full range of bilateral ties between India and Bangladesh.
  • This visit of PM Sheikh Hasina has led to remarkable outcomes for India-Bangladesh cooperation in the areas of water resources, energy, trade, ports and more. People from both nations will benefit thanks to them. I congratulate the people of India and Bangladesh!
  • The Sabroom town of Tripura will get 1.82 cusec of drinking water from the Feni river in Bangladesh. This augurs extremely well for the people of Tripura. Glad that India and Bangladesh are strengthening cooperation in harnessing water resources to further ‘Ease of Living.’
  • A win-win for India and Bangladesh! The supply of LPG through Bangladesh, to Tripura, using Bangladeshi trucks ensures: Reliable gas support at lower transportation costs for India. Employment generation in Bangladesh.
  • You would be happy to know that the protocol route has been expanded to include new inland river ports near Tripura. The focus on port-led development will ensure greater commercial linkages and more prosperity.
  • Adding to the growth of India’s Northeast. Signing of Standard Operating Procedures for the use of Chattogram and Mongla ports of Bangladesh will enable easier transportation of goods to and from our Northeast. Fascinating products from the Northeast will get better markets!



Legendary Indian Cricketer and former captain Kapil Dev called on the Vice President in New Delhi today


Pic Courtesy : @VPSecretariat

Ukkadam big tank under Coimbatoe smart city, getting a major make over

Coimbatore Marina alike – recreation spot for the public.

Ukkadam big tank under smart city it’s getting a major make over – walking path, cycling track, kiosks, floating jetty, public convenience facilities, green centre, green cover , etc…:

Kishore Chandran, Environmentalist, @Kishore36451190

In the News today – 4 October 2019

TN by-elections: AIADMK seeks BJP’s support

TN Minister D Jayakumar meets senior TN BJP leaders at Kamalalayam in Chennai to seek BJP’s support for AIADMK candidates in the forthcoming by elections in Vikravandi and Nanguneri


Pic Credit: @BJP4TamilNadu #BJP #TNPolitics #TamilNadu

Rahul Gandhi addresses media in Wayanad on state of economy

Senior BJP leader Pon Radhakrishnan visits Mamallapuram

@PonnaarrBJP :

Visited Mamallapuram and inspected the arrangements by the District Administration at the venue of the summit between PM Modi and Chinese President Xi

Pic Credit : @PonnaarrBJP  #Mamallapuram

‘Groundwater levels are increasing gradually in zones across Chennai’

Chennai Metro Water @CHN_Metro_Water :

  • Here is the comparison of Chennai’s groundwater levels between August and September 2019.
  • Groundwater levels are increasing gradually in zones across Chennai.
    If we collectively start taking efforts to save rainwater, we can see a constant rise in the levels and revive our water table in the process.
  • Chennai Metro Water has several shallow monitoring wells spread across the city that is divided into zones.
  • The collected groundwater level data denotes the average water level of the particular zone.
    #ChennaiMetroWater #Chennai #MetroWater

‘I Salute him’

‘Delighted & excited to welcome Micron Tech to Hyderabad’

@KTRTRS – Telangana Minister for Industry & Commerce, IT :

  • Delighted & excited to welcome @MicronTech one of the largest semiconductor enterprises in the world to Hyderabad.
  • Thanks to President & CEO Sanjay Mehrotra  & Chairman Robert Switz.
  • Always a pleasure to meet the ebullient Amitabh Kant.
  • Many thanks for your kind words sir
Pic Credit: @KTRTRS

‘Amazing entrepreneur !’

Amitabh Kant @amitabhk87 – CEO NITI Aayog :

The King of Recycling:

  • Pleasure meeting Surendra Patwari, Founder of Gemini Corporation based in Belgium.
  • He recycles 400,000 tonnes of waste a year in 60 countries from 500 locations.
  • He has recycled +3 mln tons of plastic scrap worth 7 mln pounds.
  • Amazing entrepreneur !
Pic Credit:  @amitabhk87

‘The best tourist guide I have come across’

Amitabh Kant @amitabhk87 – CEO NITI Aayog :

The best tourist guide I have come across in my career. Mr Prabhoo from Madurai.

‘The total metro network of the country has crossed 667 km’

@HardeepSPuri – Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs :

  • Joined Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal
    ji, Minister Shri Kailash Gahlot, Japanese Amb Mr Kenji Hiramatsu, MP Shri Parvesh Sahib Singh ji & others at the flagging off ceremony of Dwarka to Najafgarh section of Line-9 (Grey Line) of Delhi Metro at Metro Bhawan.
  • With number of daily journeys on Delhi Metro crossing 60 lakhs on several days, there remains no doubt that 347 km long metro network with 253 stations is now Delhi’s favourite & trusted mode of eco friendly & efficient urban commute.
  • Dwarka to Najafgarh Grey line now puts several more areas of Delhi on DMRC map. This will offer better connectivity, ease of living & relief from traffic congestion to people of these areas.
  • With today’s inauguration the total metro network of the country has crossed 667 km.
Pic Credit : @HardeepSPuri #delhimetro



World’s youngest woman commander of Boeing 777

@HardeepSPuri – Union Minister for Civil Aviation :

  • She is spunky, she is smart & she soars high in the sky.
  • Delighted to welcome @AnnyDivya, world’s youngest woman commander of Boeing 777.
  • Accomplished New Indians like her are the flag bearers of transformation that is powering the India Growth Story.


Pic Credit: @HardeepSPuri