I shall tweet two economic indicators every day and you can draw your own conclusions : P Chidambaram

@PChidambaram_IN – Former Finance Minister : 

Economic indicators –

  • Per capita consumption expenditure for urban and rural India has decreased. Meaning, the poor are consuming less.
  • India’s rank in the Hunger Index is 112 out of 117 countries. Meaning, there is serious hunger

There is a staggering innumeracy in so many of the Govt’s Policy Statements & Bills. Numbers are cited mindlessly, without proper thought to what they imply at a policy level : Dr P Thiaga Rajan


There are so many instances of innumeracy (one or more in every Govt. Dept.) that I’ve decided to write articles regularly, citing a case in each Dept..

DMK MLA & Party Spokesperson PTR. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan Tweeted :

Entering electoral politics after a ~30 yr. expat professional career has been an incredible learning experience. Some day, I hope I’ll find the time to write about it in detail. For now, I want to touch on two troubling aspects showing a decline in our Democracy.

First, a statistic to explain the extent to which the role of the Legislature has been reduced. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly passed 16 Bills (new or amended laws) in the final hours, of the last day, of the month-long Demand-for-Grants session which finished July 20th.

The total time allowed for discussion (on only 4 of 16 bills), was about 12 minutes! Also, 13 of the 16 Bills had been delivered to the Members/placed on the Table of the House only in the last 3 days of the session. 3 of them on the last day after we reached the Assembly!

Remember that Tamil Nadu has only 1 Legislative body (Council abolished by MGR in the 1980’s). If this Legislative body’s members do not even see Bills till hours before they’re passed, where is the deliberative role for the legislature as envisaged in the Constitution?

The Legislature is now a rubber-stamp for ruling party’s law-making agenda. There are many causes for this, & potential remedies, but I’ll leave that for wiser people to debate, for now. Instead I want to touch on something that compounds the problem of lack of debate/review.

There is a staggering INNUMERACY (mathematical illiteracy) in so many of the Govt’s Policy Statements & Bills. Numbers are cited mindlessly, without proper thought to what they imply at a practical/policy level. And the real tragedy is that many times, no one seems to to care.

There are so many instances of innumeracy (one or more in every Govt. Dept.) that I’ve decided to write articles regularly, citing a case in each Dept. Today, I want to start with a particularly bad instance: revival of a very important Land Acquisition Law post HC judgement.

The Bill’s first page & Explanatory note, are attached (now public information after Bill was placed in the house & passed). Consider the NUMBERS on the explanation page. The Govt. openly admits that it has only put ~5.8% of “acquired land” (1,373 of 23,804 ha) to actual use!

Note this Bill (law) is being revived to overcome MHC Court verdict. Is a history of such poor utilization a positive argument for continued acquisition, or an argument against? Now look at the next number: Cost of acquisition of remaining 22,431 ha = ~Rs. 1.85 LAKH CRORES.


Numbers lead to second question 2) The entire ’19-’20 Budget voted for TN is 2.17 Lakh Crores – of which >70% if for Salaries, Pensions, Interest, etc. So ENTIRE discretionary amount =~60,000 Crores. So how long will it take to raise 1.85 Lakh Crores just for acquisition?

Remember, ~60,000 Crores is to pay for all other expenses like Capital Investment, Govt Schemes, Ration Supplies, Scholarships, etc. So at best, Govt. can set aside a few 1,000 Crores for acquisition/year. Also it’s running big deficits, so increasing borrowings not possible.

tamilnaadulive cinema

‘Well …  like thatha like grandson !!!’


SS Rajamouli will reveal the Telugu Title of …

‘With my musical guru…’


Editor’s Pick

In the past eight years did the ADMK Govt launch one single mega drinking water project in the state?: MK Stalin – DMK President

stalin water protest.png


The DMK organised a protest meeting in Chennai against drinking water scarcity in the state. Speaking at the protest meeting DMK President MK Stalin said:

  • In the past eight years did the ADMK Govt launch one single mega water project in the state?
  • Four desalination plants have been announced, not one of it has been implemented
  • Very soon the DMK will come to power and we will investigate the irregularties in the establishment of new desalination plants
  • DMK has implemented several Drinking Water schemes in the state while in power. Even the water from Jolarppettai is coming through the Hogenekkal scheme implemented by the DMK
  • DMK played a proactive role in implementing the Minjur desalination plant that supplies 100 million litres of water daily to North Chennai now
  • The Rs 1000 cr allocated in the Union Budget by P Chidambaram as Finance Minister for establishing a desalination plant at Nemeli was not utilised by the then ADMK Govt.
  • The DMK approached the centre and got the Nemeli project revived and completed 85% of the project during its tenure, which was later inaugurated by Ms Jayalalitha in 2013.

stalin protest.jpg

Pic Courtesy : @vinothmural



VIDEO of DMK President MK Stalin’s Speech at the protest meeting : 

Two Sides

Public Bicycle sharing in Chennai – Users share their experience


SmartBike is India’s fastest growing Public Bike Sharing (PBS) company.

SmartBike has won the mandate from Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) for setting up another world class public bike sharing system in Chennai with 5000 Smartbikes & 500 Bike Stations.

Anyone aspiring to use the Smart bike can Register yourself after downloading the SmartBike Mobility mobile application.

Rent a bike easily via app: scan the QR code or enter the bike number. The frame lock opens automatically. You can use a single account to rent upto 2 bikes at a time.

You can park your bike without stopping the rental.Activate the park mode in your app and close the lock afterwards. Simply deactivate it again to continue your ride. The locks opens automatically. Therefore do not deactivate the park mode from afar.

Return your bike at any official SmartBike station. Close the lock by pressing down the lever. Refresh your app to make sure the rental has been stopped. Check the map on the app for your nearest SmartBike station.

We spoke to a cross-section of Smart Bike users to get their feedback. Listen to what they had to say.

To know more : https://www.smartbikemobility.com/en/…

To Download the app :
Google Play : 
Itunes : 

Source : https://www.smartbikemobility.com/en/…

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Crazy Mohan’s interview to tamilnaadulive at his residence in September 2018 – nine months back:

DMK Public meeting in Trichy to thank the TN voters

DMK President MK Stalin unveils Kalaignar’s statue in Trichy

Acclaimed playwright, filmmaker, actor  Jnanapeeta awardee Girish Karnad passes away at 81


President Kovind Tweeted :
Sad to hear of the passing of Girish Karnad, writer, actor and doyen of Indian theatre. Our cultural world is poorer today. My condolences to his family and to the many who followed his work.

PM Modi Tweeted : 
Girish Karnad will be remembered for his versatile acting across all mediums. He also spoke passionately on causes dear to him. His works will continue being popular in the years to come. Saddened by his demise. May his soul rest in peace.

N. Ram Tweeted :
Salute to a wonderful writer & actor & progressive public intellectual and a longstanding friend.

Shashi Tharoor Tweeted :
This is a devastating loss. Just a few months ago he sent me the draft of his brilliant new historical play. He was at the peak of his creative talent. Profound condolences to his devoted wife Saras & brilliant son . A flame has been extinguished that lit up so many minds.

Kamal Haasan Tweeted : 
Mr.Girish Karnad, His scripts both awe and inspire me. He has left behind many inspired fans who are writers. Their works perhaps will make his loss partly bearable.

Sitaram Yechury Tweeted :
Heartfelt condolences on passing away of one of modern India’s treasures, Girish Karnad. A writer, dramatist, director and actor par excellence, he stood out for his commitment to social upliftment, equality and secularism. It is a huge personal loss too.

Hardeep Singh Puri Tweeted :
Deeply saddened at the passing away of my friend Shri Girish Karnad. Eminent playwright, celebrated actor, Rhodes Scholar & a man of letters. The legacy & body of work he leaves behind will continue to inspire his admirers.

I had the privilege of working with him when I was India’s Dy. High Commissioner in UK from 1999 to 2002 & he for most part was the Director of Nehru Centre. Lakshmi & I offer our heartfelt condolences to his wife Saraswathy.

Prakash Raj Tweeted : 
THANK YOU GIRISH KARNAD JI for an ENRICHING..EMPOWERING..INSPIRING LIFE YOU LED ..RIP .. Every moment I lived with you is ALIVE . Will miss you ..but will cherish you for life ..

Pic Courtesy : @HardeepSPuri

As part of the centenary celebrations of prominent DMK leader Anbil Dharmalingam, party President MK Stalin unveiled his statue today at Anbil Village, Trichy and addressed the gathering

Kohli on Smith booing

‘Stepping Out’

After 25yrs in cricket I’ve decided to move on. Cricket has given me everything I have. Thankyou for being a part of this journey. This game taught me how to fight, how to fall, to dust off, to get up again n move forward. It has been a lovely journey. See you on the other side:
Yuvraj Singh – Cricketer


‘..and this is’

Hockey playground in a Delhi govt school… Ground work completed, fencing, walk-way, washroom, underground reservoir etc. under progress..:
Manish Sisodia – Dy CM Delhi

Pic Credit: @msisodia

Practising this Asana regularly will strengthen the back, shoulders and improve flexibility: PM Modi


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